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How Do You Differentiate Between A Bad And A Good Ad?

Jan 28, 2019 | Newspaper
Good advertisement

It is essential for you to have a solid marketing plan behind you, no matter what the nature of your business is. For your business to succeed, you need to advertise your products and services effectively. It is important for you to understand what makes a particular advertisement effective or good so that you can tailor your own marketing plans and achieve better results. Most business owners have the idea that there is a one size fits all solution for advertising. This is not the case. Bad advertisements are created when businesses do not take the time to put themselves in their customers' shoes and discover what questions the customers are asking, or what they are interested in.

The knowledge you possess about your business is not always what your customers have. What is incredibly common in advertising is to skip over the exact questions the customers are asking and answer the ones they would never have asked. Bad advertisements try to recreate what others in the industry have done, but they do so without any personal touch or unique company message. Many businesses make the mistake of creating generic ads. Such ads get lost in the thousands of ads people are bombarded with every day. While good advertisements produce results, bad advertisements are just a waste of money. Bad advertisements are characterized by communication barriers and lack of creative strategies.


Qualities that Differentiate Good Advertisements from Bad Advertisements

So what is it that makes good advertisements? Is it what they say? Or is it the creative element in them? What is it that causes you to feel something inside yourself after you have been exposed to good advertisements?

Good advertisements are written and designed to emotionally connect with their target audience. Once the audience is connected to them, the rhetorics of good advertisements strongly persuade the consumers to want the product or service. Only when the individuals are likely to recognize a need for it and make the purchase.

There is little room for mediocrity when you are competing for ad space. Unless your ad is disruptive or highly targeted, it ends up falling short. You need to do certain things correctly so that the quality and response to your ads improve.


Factors of a Good Advertisements

  • Making the ad memorable – When a viewer remembers an ad after viewing it, then only it is an effective advertisement. Good advertisements contain stories that move viewers. Not only do they contain basic information or calls to action, but they also tap into viewers’ senses.

  • Effective targeting – Know exactly who your target audience is. The product or service you offer will not appeal to everyone. Identify the segment of the population most likely to need what you have to offer. When you identify your target audience, you can also decide what advertising venues are likely to be the most effective for your ads.

  • Entertaining the audience – Good advertisements need to entertain a potential buyer apart from informing him about the product or service you have to offer. The more entertaining your ad will be, the more attention it will capture and the more effective it will be.

  • Creating a design that is attention grabbing – If your ad is good, people should see it. An effective ad engages the interests of viewers with an attractive design. Choose the most eye-catching design to get the attention of the potential customer. When viewing an advertisement, visuals are one of the first things people look at.

  • Coming up with an effective tagline – A tagline is the first thing in an ad that a viewer pays attention to.  Your tagline should be attention-grabbing and should encompass your overall message in a short sentence. Effective taglines are thought-provoking and leave their reader wanting more.

  • Writing a good copy – A well-written copy is that aspect of your ad that compels viewers to take action. Your ad copy should be concise, creative and easy to read. Avoid using jargon or excessive information in your ad copy because they fail to contribute directly to the overall message of your advertisement.

  • Having a strong call to action – A strong call to action in your ad will bring you the results you are expecting. Your call to action should be well thought out and clearly defined. Ensure that your contact information is clearly visible and not hidden behind clutter. It is important that your visitors are informed or that they have a positive branding experience with your company, but the ultimate aim of your ad is to convert leads into sales.

To make your ad from “good” to “great”, follow the simple rule of “less is more”. The timeframe you have to make an impression on your audience is limited to seconds, in case of any advertisement. This limited time does not mean your ad should be full to the brim with information. The idea is to develop a coherent ad that appeals well to its audience.



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