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How Dainik Bhaskar Helps Marketers Reach Valuable Audiences

Jan 22, 2021 | Newspaper
Dainik bhaskar ads


India is home to 22 distinct languages that are officially recognized by the government. And this itself comes with thousands of dialects among citizens. Being a cultural hotspot, there is no fixed national in India since it houses several cultures and ethnicities.

But the odds state there is only a 36% chance that you would understand another Indian if you met one randomly. Due to the variety based on ethnic factors and place of origin, getting the right language can be a difficult task for advertisers and marketers when reaching out to the masses.

However, you can’t go wrong with Hindi.

While 425 million people in India speak Hindi as a first language, roughly 120 million people use Hindi as a second language. In terms of statistics, 40% of total Indians are native speakers of the language. You’d be surprised to hear that Bengali and Marathi rank next with 97 million and 83 million respectively.

So why not release a newspaper advertisement in a leading Hindi daily?

That’s why this write-up will discuss the factors that make Dainik Bhaskar the best solution for marketers in India while also uncovering the ideal way to get the best Dainik Bhaskar ad booking rates.

So let’s get started.

Legitimate Reasons to Book a Dainik Bhaskar Advertisement

As a newspaper, it covers popular topics such as international and national news, sports, entertainment and other areas of interest. But more importantly, it gives marketers the benefits of 46 editions spread across 11 popular states. Whether a public notice or job advertisement in newspaper, here is a breakdown of the places you can target:

  • 1 edition in Uttar Pradesh
  • 12 editions in Rajasthan
  • 4 editions in Chhattisgarh
  • 3 editions in Haryana
  • 5 editions in Madhya Pradesh
  • 4 editions in Bihar
  • 4 editions in Punjab
  • 3 editions in Jharkhand
  • 1 edition in Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, New Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir each.

Besides this, it’s actually the country’s second most Hindi daily today!

Backed by impressive statistics to its name, it is actually known to give marketers the results they seek. Whether brand awareness, lead generation or even the launch of a new product/service, a Dainik Bhaskar advertisement guarantees that your word gets out in open among the audiences that matter.

Here are a few stats that attest to its preference:

  • Readership of 5,14,05,000
  • Daily circulation of 3,758,949
  • AIR of 1,53,95,000

With time, this newspaper has kept adapting in terms of presentation, content and the regions it targets. Even the name itself has been modified from ‘Subah Savere’ to ‘Bhaskar Samachar’ over the years. Dainik Bhaskar ad booking is now akin to the ‘rising sun’ which is symbolic of a bright, prosperous future ahead. This name officially stuck in 1958 and it has since then been a vital tool to markets across the country.

Of course, it also has its own set of supplements such as Rasik, Dharmdarshan and Young Bhaskar which talk about other issues like lifestyle, religion and entertainment. These are in the languages of Marathi, Gujrati and English so as to reach a more diversified audience.

As you can see, reaching a valuable audience is a certified guarantee with this publication.

And getting the best Dainik Bhaskar ad booking rates is a promise with Bookadsnow.

Why Bookadsnow For Your Newspaper Advertising Needs

Understanding how important advertising is to businesses today, Bookadsnow aims to provide the benefits of newspaper advertising in the easiest way possible. Its strong relations with popular media houses allow you to get the best ad rates. In fact, it is also an official ad booking partner for a variety of newspapers across India.

Being a marketer’s first choice, here is a compilation of benefits with choosing Bookadsnow:

  • Best ad rates in relation to market rates
  • 24/7 ad booking services with last-minute booking facility
  • Easy payment options for first-time advertisers
  • 30 years of expertise in the media industry
  • End-to-end ad booking guidance for a seamless experience

So reach out to us today and let’s make your business more successful than ever!

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