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Give your Newspaper Ad Strategy a Twist with Assam Tribune Advertisement

May 13, 2019 | Newspaper
assam tribune advertisement

Why is it vital for the brands/businesses to indulge in releasing newspaper Ads in a publication that is popular in a particular region? India is one large country with 29 states and capitals backed up by 7 union territories. While there are publications in the country with nationwide circulation, some publications are published for a specific state or a region. Such newspapers perform special news coverage about that location along with providing information catering to events around the world. However, they make sure to provide crisp content about the events in that location where publication is released. Hence, advertisers find it easy to engage their target audiences (settled in that region) via advertisements in such newspapers.

Assam Tribune Advertisement - A Choice that can Never Go Wrong

Speaking of Assam Tribune, it is one of the most popular newspapers of North-East India. With their first copy having been published on the 4th of August in 1939, Assam Tribune starting with its operation from Dibrugarh and Assam to serve the people of North-East with the right dose of information catering to various issues. Radha Govinda Baruah, the founder of the publication took initiative to build a strong base for the newspaper by driving around the city in his car, promoting circulation and gathering advertisements. The fruits of his hard work were finally seen, thereby helping the new publication to stand tall.

Today, the newspaper believes in presenting the truth to the readers in the form of news about various events, thereby avoiding the task of misleading the readers. Not just that, their bold steps towards covering an event has enabled this publication to capture a prominent place in the heart of the readers.

What’s the Conclusion?

Owing to such factors, the newspaper experiences a total circulation of over 7,00,000 copies daily along with a readership of 3 million. Hence, the huge numbers make it mandatory for the advertisers to indulge in Assam Tribune advertisement. Furthermore, its plethora of editions in North-East India along with other major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad (where they have expanded recently) have taken their popularity a notch-up, thereby giving yet another reason to the advertisers to book Assam Tribune advertisement.

What's more?

The publication also comes with its set of supplements having filtered readers, thereby enabling the advertisers to garber a better viewership, thereby encouraging the advertisers to book newspaper Ads online. Hence, booking an Ad in Assam Tribune is the best channel (or one of the best channels) to target the audiences dwelling in the North-East region of India, thereby enabling the brands to reach their expected ROI.

With that being said, how about if you get help of an Ad agency who will not only guide you with releasing newspaper Ads but will also reduce the newspaper advertisement cost unlike other agencies? No matter how big a brand is, budget is one factor that none of the brands can overlook, irrespective of their size. Addressing this issue and others, Bookadsnow was born with its HQ in Kolkata. But, what is Bookadsnow? Here is the answer.

Discover Bookadsnow to release ad in Assam Tribune

Bookadsnow is an online media planning, buying and releasing portal, where one can book newspaper Ads online from their comfort zone any time of the day. With 30+ years of experience and INS accreditation along with an unbeatable record of great performance, media houses across the nation trust us blindfolded.

With us, advertisers can book newspaper Ads online in several newspapers which can be completed within a few simple steps. Moreover, we do not go by the norm of displaying predefined card rates for newspaper Ads. We have the ability to negotiate the Ad rate on behalf of our clients in order to provide them with an unbeatable newspaper advertisement cost, unlike other Ad agencies. This is yet another reason that enables us to stand out in a jungle of other Ad agencies.

Lastly, our skilled and proficient in-house media planners will help you at every step of releasing newspaper Ad along with providing the best Ad position for garnering a better viewership. Moreover, once your Ad gets published, Bookadsnow will provide the clients with a hard copy of the newspaper to prove the quality of their work.

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