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Ads in Loksatta - the Best Channel to Target the Readers in Mumbai

May 08, 2019 | Newspaper
loksatta advertisement

Why do you think we mentioned Loksatta as one of the best channels to release public notice Ad in newspaper? Is it so that Mumbai is lacking the presence of other newspapers? Or is it so that the other newspapers are experiencing a bad circulation and readership? Precisely Not. Mumbai is a city that supports a plethora of publications. In fact, the city consists of some of the best media houses to keep the residents updated about the events around the world. However, Loksatta as a publication stands out in the crowd of publications, it being a Marathi daily capturing the true sentiments of the Marathi community.

About Loksatta - the Best Marathi Daily for Advertising

Established in the year 1948 in Maharashtra, the newspaper reached a peak of popularity owing to its exceptional coverage catering to Mahatma Gandhi's assassination. Its unmatched skill of covering an event and presenting it with finesse in the form of news has enabled the publication to make a prominent place among a coterie of Marathi audiences. Hence, advertisers make sure to indulge in the Loksatta advertisement to garner the attention and the viewership of the Marathi community in Mumbai.

The publication comes with its HQ in Mumbai under the ownership of Indian Express Group. One of the flagship brands of the media house, Loksatta experiences a total circulation of 3,59,301 copies on a daily basis backed up by a readership number of 3,79,4000. What's more? It alone has a total circulation of 2,50,481 copies in Mumbai, thereby making is one of the significant platforms for releasing advertisement in Loksatta. Apart from Mumbai, the newspaper has editions in Pune, Nagpur, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, and Delhi. Hence, the widespread circulation of the newspaper is yet another reason as to why the advertisers indulge in releasing Loksatta advertisement. Hence, the newspaper also lays down the solid platform for releasing Notice Ads in newspaper.

Public Notice Ads in Loksatta:

To be precise/short, public notice Ads in newspaper like Loksatta are usually printed by the government bodies, which is why they considered being legal notifications. Such Ads can be of diversified characters like Court Notices, Property deal notices, a public notice for loss of documents, any legal notice, loss of essential certificates, death of father/ mother without making any nomination, any kind of dispute in the family, possession notice, etc.

However, how to do the Same without going through the Tedious Ad Booking steps? Simple! Hire a newspaper Ad agency. Why? So that you do not miss out on a plethora of perks. A newspaper Ad agency will help you at every step to book newspaper ads online along with providing you discounts (almost every time) for your Ads. And Bookadsnow is just the right d agency with such perks.

A Walk through the Gen-Y Loksatta Advertisement Booking Platform

The service provided by Bookadsnow is much more than booking newspaper advertisements. An online media planning, buying and releasing portal where we have simplified the task of booking Ads within a few simple steps.

The Perks of Releasing ad in Loksatta with Bookadsnow
  1. We are a 30+-year-old brand, which has allowed us to gain experience, skill and made us familiar with the nitty-gritty of booking newspaper Ads.
  2. Bookadsnow is an INS accredited name, thereby enabling the media houses and the brands to trust us for great results.
  3. We are a team of proficient individuals who will guide you at every step to book newspaper Ads online (or any other advertisement) along with suggesting you the best Ad placement.

With that being said, Bookadsnow has boosted the game of perks catering booking advertisement in Marathi newspaper. No matter how big a brand is, the budget is a factor that no brand can overlook. Hence, nothing can be better than receiving discounts on the Ad rate without arbitrating the requirements? We, at Bookadsnow, provide with this as well. For example, if you are planning to book public notice ads in newspaper via us, we will learn about your specifications, communicate with the publication, negotiate the Ad rate and provide you with the best rate in the market. Hence, Bookdasnow will make sure to stay by your Ad booking journey, from start to finish.

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