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Why Choose Shubh Yatra Magazine For Your Advertisement?

Oct 04, 2018 | Newspaper
Shubh Yatra magazine advertisement

Inflight magazine advertising is becoming a popular choice for the advertisers as air travel has become a commonplace affair nowadays. Magazine advertisements are, generally, a great way to connect to your audience in a focused and relevant manner. Placing your ad for a pressure cooker in a food magazine creates the perfect channel for communicating with your concerned target audience. However, inflight magazine advertising has its own set of advantages and benefits which are different from those of the traditional magazine advertisements.

The advantages of inflight magazine advertising are different as the inflight magazines don’t adhere to one particular genre as normal magazines do. Inflight magazines generally lie in the lifestyle and travel domain with a mix of food and entertainment. As they cover such a variety of genres, advertisers have the benefit of marketing an array of services and products.

The other benefits of inflight magazine advertising are

  • Once in their seats, passengers are a ’captive audience’ as movement is restricted. With everyone’s gadgets also off - most passengers flick through the publication which means your magazine advertisement is seen.
  • As the magazines themselves are generally published on a monthly basis, your advertisement has an extensive shelf life.
  • The demographics of the airline can help you target a wide range of people.
  • The credibility of your magazine advertisement rises with the influence and stature of the airline you publish in.
  • As this magazine is placed on all their flights, your reach increases exponentially and helps you communicate effectively to the masses.

When deciding which magazine to release your ad in, Air India would be an educated choice to make:

As the national airline of India, Air India is a trusted and honorable brand. Their in-flight magazine - Shubh Yatra is a bilingual monthly publication which covers a range of topics such as travel, lifestyle, entertainment and more. Since it is published in Hindi and English, most (if not all) passengers will be drawn to go through the magazine. It has a readership of 2,700,000 (from 2015) with passengers from both international and national flights. The Shubh Yatra magazine Advertisement is widely seen as one which promises to reach out to your audience in a compelling manner.

If you are interested in placing your Shubh Yatra magazine advertisement then book it through Bookadsnow. Bookadsnow is a media buying, planning and releasing portal which has been making a name for itself in the media industry for more than 30 years. It has established an open line of communication with the media house on a national, regional, and local level. This allows them to bargain for the best prices in the market, which is the reason they don’t maintain a predefined rate card as is the norm in the industry. Your Shubh Yatra advertisement is in great hands as clients such as Greenply, Manyavar, SRMB Steel, Turtle, Bisk Farm and many others are happy with the results produced by Bookadsnow. They also have the INS accreditation which gives your ad even more credibility. You can release an advertisement by emailing them at or call them directly @ 9830400021 to place your ad.

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