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Why Choose ABP News to Release TV Advertisements?

Jun 08, 2020 | Newspaper
ABP News TV Ad

Are you planning to release a TV advertisement in ABP News channel but confused about the advantages of choosing the channel? Will it prove to be result driven and generate a healthy ROI? Will it reach your target audience? If you are being haunted by such questions, then this blog is your bible.

ABP News is a Hindi channel that was launched on 18 February 1998. Owned by ABP Group, the channel is defined by the slogan 'Aapko Rakhe Aage'. It has garnered a 16% viewership in the market among the top 5 Hindi news channels which showcases the popularity of the channel. Working with the objective to keep its viewers/audiences ahead of others with the latest news updates, ABP News channel has won the trust of millions across the nation over the years of hard work and dedication. Hence, here's how you'll be benefited by releasing ABP News advertisement.


Are You Aware of these ABP News Advertisement Advantages?

  • As per the reports made by BARC and Neilson Crisis Consumption, the viewership of ABP News channel has witnessed a rise of 11% which is nearly 622 million viewers from 21 March to 27 March 2020.
  • ABP News channel viewership grew by a huge margin of 169%, thereby reaching 22 crore individuals sealing the second spot in the TRP charts during the lockdown period.
  • From week 9 (2020) to week 12 (2020), the average growth in impression was recorded as 336% backed by 340659000 gross impressions.
  • The average growth in reach from week 9 to week 12 of 2020 was 121%.
  • In week 20 (Saturday, 16th May to Friday, 22nd May 2020), 231029000 impressions were recorded.


Furthermore, if your business falls in the B2B and B2C sector of the industry, ABP News is the best platform to release television advertisements owing to its audience profile and wide reach.


Types of Ads You can Release in ABP News:

  • Aston Bands

A 10-second advertising strip displayed during a programme at the bottom of the screen.

  • L Bands

These are L shaped ads played on TV while the content is being played.

  • Show Sponsorships

A short ad that displays the sponsor of the programme.

  • TV Ad Break

An ad that runs during a break that occupies the entire screen.


Hence, the numbers and the statistics makes it obvious that ABP News advertisement will enable you to reach your target audience, thereby proving to be result driven along with generating a healthy revenue.

Furthermore, to receive a better result, you can further release ABP News advertisements via an advertising agency like Bookadsnow to get access to end to end media solutions for a better advertising experience.


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