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How Can Small Businesses Harness the Power of Print?

Jun 10, 2020 | Newspaper
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With the developments in technology and newer platforms, advertising has taken many forms over the years. Even with the advent of mobile and online advertising, print is still a strong force to be reckoned with. For small businesses, local newspaper advertising is an ideal option since it offers great reach while effectively relaying brand messages across.



The power of print is ideal due to the following reasons:

  • The enhanced trust of ads due to its tangibility
  • Helps target region-specific audiences with ease
  • Greater visibility since messages are non-intrusive
  • Supplements of a newspaper tap on specific interests
  • Timely and authentic information can be expected


For every business, the budget needs to be maintained while getting your brand message out to the world. The key is to balance your spends with the intended impact of ads. Hence, the key to success doesn’t lie much in the number or frequency of the ad – it’s more to do with how you use the medium and make it work to your advantage.


Here’s how you can effectively harness the power of print.

1. Smart positioning

The front-page ads are not everything to readers. When it comes to reading a newspaper, prospective buyers will be aware of where to find information on certain types of products or services. Hence, it’s important to keep a newspaper advertisement placed accordingly and preferably on the right side of the page.

2. Effective publications

It is not a hard and fast rule to lure customers using a highly-ranked newspaper with a pan-India presence. In fact, it actually depends on the type of products/services you wish to advertise and the audience you wish to target. You can save on rates at the same time while getting the job done effectively. For instance, a Dinamani advertisement finds favour among the Tamil audience. On the other hand, booking an ad in the Deccan chronicle is ideal for English readers in Karnataka. It’s all about how you balance spends with effect.

3. Suitable ad format

Should the ad be big or small in size? Should it be a full page, half page or an insert? What about the colour and size of text? Making decisions such as these are sure to confuse any small business owner. Hence, focus on your efforts in sync with your budget as well as your intended impact. You need not use an entire front page newspaper advertisement to get your message across. You can use classified ads or display classifieds as well for your advertising purposes.

4. Crisp, clear messages

Never underestimate the power of content. More important than the positioning or type of Assam Tribune advertisement you release is the impact that the copy creates. Ads with mediocre copy tend to have negligible influence. Hence, it is important to use catchy phrases that are ideal in length and highly engaging in nature.

It’s true that local newspaper advertising has been around longer than any other form of advertising that we see today. Even with changing times, businesses are still investing in the print medium due to the tremendous benefits they offer. Be it enhanced reach or lead generation, it has proven to be an effective tool while working wonders for a number of brands and business.

It’s time to take your business to the next level with the power of print.


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