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Are You Doing Your Newspaper Advertisement Correctly?

Jul 10, 2020 | Newspaper
Newspaper Advertising

Is your newspaper advertisement showing no positive result? Are you not being able to reach your target audiences? Is the cost of advertisement way beyond your budget? Most importantly, are you doing your newspaper advertisement correctly?

While some might think newspaper advertisements are obsolete, the truth is, the Indian market still values print advertisement- be it in the newspaper or magazines. Every top brand makes sure to indulge in newspaper advertisements across multiple publications to reach their target audience- especially the ones who do not have access to digital advertisements even to this day.
Therefore, if you are not taking your newspaper advertisement seriously, chances are high are that you are losing out on audiences who might help you to earn a lump sum revenue. Hence, why take any chance? Pull up your socks, wear your thinking cap and plan out an amazing newspaper advertising strategy taking these factors into consideration.


Do You Consider these Factors While Planning Your Newspaper Ad?

Determine your Target Audience

Before you drop the idea of releasing newspaper ads online, take a closer look at your target audience. Will you get surprised if we say that even today 40 million millennials get information from newspapers every week? Newspapers are one such media which is read by people of all age groups which is not the case with digital platforms. What is your job? Recognise your target audience who makes sure to turn to newspapers every week for the latest news or print inserts and then proceed accordingly.

Set a Realistic Advertising Budget

The next important step is to set for yourself a realistic advertising budget for your campaign and determine the amount that has to be allocated for newspaper advertising. While some choose to spend a lot, others might spend a little. No matter how much you decide to spend, make use of the various media vehicles to the fullest to maximize your reach.

Choose the Right Newspaper

Newspapers have the power to reach consumers in local areas as well as on a national scale. The type of product/service you are dealing with along with your advertising budget should help you in choosing the right newspaper. You might choose to a run the ad restricted to a small community or you might release an ad on a national level. As long as your target audience is reading the chosen newspaper, you can expect a flow of revenue.

Time to Create Your Ad

While you might not be a creative designer, you can work with a reliable ad agency like Bookadsnow who can provide you with end-to-end media solutions.

  • Build an interesting, curiosity driving headline
  • Highlight the benefits of your product/service
  • Generate possibilities for interaction
  • Use a clear call-to-action
  • Include attractive imagery to support your message

After creating your ad, distribute it among a small group to get honest feedback, thereby saving yourself from possible embarrassment.

Ad Size & Positioning

Test with a few different ad sizes to see which yields the best results. Obviously, a full-page ad will get noticed under every circumstance. Also, buy the ad space in the newspaper that holds the highest chance of getting read by your target market. Creating a connection between your ad and the corresponding content in the newspaper is an added advantage.

Evaluate Results

Make sure to incorporate a unique promo code on your advertisement to easily track its effectiveness in terms of engaging your target audience and driving them to take action. After completing your advertisement, compare the amount you spent vs the revenue generated while measuring it against your goals. If you didn’t happen to reach your goal, try different creative or different markets before you give up on your plans of releasing ads in the future.


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