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Decided to Advertise on Television? 8 Reasons to Prioritize Bookadsnow

Sep 22, 2020 | Newspaper
Television Ads with Bookads

Television has been a household item and family accessory for generations. From the ridiculous antennas to the modern-day smart TVs, it has kept with the times as well as changing tastes of audiences. What hasn’t changed is its ability to bring the entire world into the comfort of our homes.

Here’s why TV is highly appealing to the general population:

  • Popular mode of entertainment
  • Broadcasts information on a variety of topics
  • Provides programs catering to specific interests
  • Tool for knowledge regarding science, wildlife, etc.
  • Keeps us updated with current affairs

With these in mind, remember that television happens to be more than just a flat-screen. In fact, it has played the role of a glue that has brought families closer. It has been the source of happiness to countless children and adults with the power to turn bad days into happy ones. It has opened our eyes to new worlds of possibilities and has made us truly believe in a better life.

You’ll find that the audiovisual impact of the medium seeks to make brand messages even more receptive. Allowing advertisers to reach audiences on a pan India level, TV ads can prove especially beneficial when combined with amicable TV ad rates. Furthermore, using popular televised events such as IPL allow one to effectively display your brand to vast yet targeted audiences.

So wouldn’t you choose television as an advertising tool?

But an even more important question: Wouldn’t you choose Bookadsnow?

Bookadsnow: You Guide to Successful Television Advertising in India

Being a major player in the media industry for the past 30 years, Bookadsnow has been a strong preference among advertisers. Operating under Lookad India Pvt Ltd, it is a customizable media planning, buying and releasing portal for television ads across the country.

Paving the way for your success, here’s why this TV advertising agency stands at the top.

30+ years’ experience

Trusted by brands such as Lux and Linc, reputed brands have worked with Bookadsnow for their advertising needs. Its expertise in the media sphere shines brightly from the long years of perfecting the art of advertising, learning the various tricks of the trade. Hence, you can expect only the best with its expert services.

In-house team of experts

With a driving force of perfection, the team behind Bookadsnow’s success is well-versed in the sphere of television advertising and possesses the tools and experience to take your brand to the top. Place your faith in the media experts and sit back as your reap the benefits of your advertising campaigns.

Best TV ad rates guaranteed

Keeping in mind variables such as date of release and viewership patterns, Bookadsnow proposes advertising rates based on your scope of requirements. Also owing to the strong ties among several media houses, Bookadsnow is able to negotiate and provide the best TV ad rates in India for your campaigns.

Flexible payment options

Everyone will agree with the fact that transactions can be tedious and time-consuming at times. But this is never the case with Bookadsnow! Offering easy payment options for your convenience, you can pay via Debit card, Credit card. Net banking, NEFT for online cash transfer, cheques, among other easy means.

Assistance on all fronts

Which time band is the best? What channel is the ideal one? Which days would be the most effective? Get important questions answered as you make your way to success. Right from planning the campaign to its eventual release, expect complete end to end assistance when you choose Bookadsnow.

Creative assistance on standby

Even if you find yourself without a TVC, cast your worries aside. Being a wholesome solution for modern advertising needs, Bookadsnow is ready to handle all your media concerns with care. Hence, expect a-la-carte video making, Aston band, L band ad-making services based on your distinct requirements.

Competitor activity tracking

In every business, it is important to keep an eye on the whereabouts of your competitors. This is precisely why Bookadsnow helps you stay updated with their latest TV advertising activities. Here, you will have access to the number and frequency of ads being aired by competitors to help you plan better later on.

Live TV ad monitoring

To ensure that your TV ads are aired at the right time and channel, you will find Bookadsnow and its TV ad monitoring setup more than helpful. Besides providing the best TV ad rates in India, it tracks every ad that is meant to air in the proposed spot. Thus, enjoy quality services for your advertising needs.

If you have a budget dedicated to your TV advertising needs, trust Bookadsnow to make optimum use of the same backed by a strong promise of ROI. You can expect to reach the right audiences at the right times with flawless TV ad rates. Bringing you the whole deal in terms of advertising, there’s no better destination for advertisers today!

So reach out to us at Bookadsnow and let’s aim for the stars together!

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