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Booking Newspaper Ads in India’s Top Publications: A Luxury You Can Now Afford

Oct 15, 2020 | Newspaper
Book Newspaper ads in Major Publications

Did you know that India as a country has the second largest population? If you consider statistics, it occupies a giant 17.35% portion of the world. This doesn’t merely indicate the huge number of people residing in the country. If you look at it from a different perspective, you’ll actually find a huge number of possibilities when it comes to the sphere of advertising.

This is because India is unique in the truest sense of the term. Being a storehouse of culture and rich history, it welcomes one and all with open arms and hence, there is a diversity here that makes it great for advertising purposes. Based on factors such as interests, gender, ethnicity, religion among others, the market can be subdivided into smaller categories for effective and personalized results.

That’s where we see the magic of a newspaper advertisement.

Offering publications that target audiences at a local, regional and national level, it successfully caters to this large melting pot of cultures. Whether vernacular newspapers at the grassroots level or Hindi publications at a pan India level, different newspapers have influences in different regions across the nation. But how can you make the most of this advantage?

Bookadsnow, a leading newspaper advertising agency, is the answer.


Reach Your Target Audiences With Ease: Bookadsnow’s Got You Covered

Identifying the newspaper that best serves your purpose is just one aspect. More specifically, Bookadsnow offers expert advice into which edition, which day and date to set the release, the position and size of the ad and every essential condition before going ahead.

Did you know that Bookadsnow is also the official ad booking partner for major publications? Based on the amicable relations with various media houses, Bookadsnow has transcended the basic role of an online booking portal and can actually assure the best newspaper advertising rates.

But it doesn’t just end here.

A Few Features of Bookadsnow that You Should Definitely Know

  • 30+ years of experience in the media industry

  • Recognized by the Indian Newspaper Society (INS)

  • Easy payment options as per your convenience

  • Complete transparency into proposed ad rates

  • Creative assistance can be provided on demand

  • In-house team of media experts for guidance

What also makes Bookadsnow the first choice for advertisers is its long history of successful endeavours. Helping brands and businesses climb their way to success, it has worked with a variety of big names over the span of 30 years. Generating the best of solutions at the best possible rates, you can expect quality services that seek to maximize your ROI.

No matter the newspaper or the time and date of the release, you can count on this newspaper advertising agency for assured, on-time releases. In fact, its 24/7 ad booking services also take your needs into account. For instance, you can book your newspaper advertisements at the 11th hour in case of time-sensitive and urgent releases.

It is also easier than ever to book a newspaper advertisement with Bookadsnow:

  • Choose a newspaper based on your requirements

  • Choose a suitable ad type from the list

  • Add the desired location and fill in your personal details

Advertising in India’s most popular newspapers is now a dream come true!

INS accreditation, guaranteed on-time releases and so much more – Bookadsnow brings you the best of advantages with just a click of a button. Within 3 simple steps, you can have your ad successfully released in any newspaper of your choice at the best newspaper advertising rates. Leaving no space for troubles and complications, Bookadsnow and its 360° advertising solutions are the quickest way to ensure your success.

Any newspaper, any region, any type of advertisement.

Bookadsnow has got you covered.

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