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Benefits of Publishing ads in Inflight Magazines

Jul 04, 2018 | Newspaper
inflight magazine advertising

There are people flying across the world every day. Even though commuting by flights is technically preferred to save time, you often look to different avenues to entertain yourself to make it easier to pass time. So what do you generally do if you do not have any pre-downloaded movie on your gadget? Pick up and browse through an In-flight Magazine, right? Well, that’s what most travelers do too.

The Impact of Inflight Magazine Advertisements

Inflight advertising surely gained a lot of popularity over the last few years and amplified with the increased number of airlines, passengers, and frequency of flights. Generally, the target group for these in-flight magazines Ads is the frequent fliers including business owners and decision makers of big organizations. For an advertiser looking for a way to reach out to these people directly, Inflight advertising should definitely make your priority list for your media campaign.

Inflight magazines are a great way to reach out and engage your reader in a captive environment of a flight. As a result, readers pay a lot of attention to reading these magazines. The concentration level is usually high that people even pay close attention to the magazine advertisements, giving the exposure it deserves.

The Perks of Inflight Advertising


For a frequent flier who trusts the airline he flies with, the in-flight magazine advertisement will also be deemed credible. As Inflight Ads has only a few numbers of spaces available, it avoids Ad clutter, making the brands reach out effectively to the target audience with a higher SOV. Produced by premium publishers, these magazines support advertising campaigns successfully.

Stronger Impact

The presentation of the Inflight magazines is one of the huge benefits advertisers can have in communicating their Ad to the mass. The look and feel of the magazine gives a genuine touch to the content published. Its lightweight due to the very selective pages is an added advantage as the readers can hold it comfortably for a long duration. It offers an exclusive layout, appealing enough for the readers who might, in turn, become loyal consumers, credits to the magazine ads.

Longer Shelf life

Due to the convenience of comfort reading, inflight advertisement has a longer shelf life due to most magazines being monthly issues. The perfect outline of the print guides the readers to the most important parts of the magazine. Moreover, the lethargy in flight provides ample time to a reader to digest the information given in the magazine advertisements. This makes it easier to convey your brand message perfectly to your audience.

Better ROI

Inflight advertising is moderately priced but at the same time, it generates a profitable result, due to its integrity. The rate of circulated copies for these in-flight magazines is increasing each day, which is backed by extensive readership, thus boosting the engagement ratio for brands by manifolds. It is an effective medium that help brands earn huge transformations, loyal customers, and profits. Many high-end, prestigious brands have already gained enormous success in generating revenue by publishing in-flight advertisements.

Some of the leading in-flight magazines one should consider advertising in, in India are:

  • Hello 6E (Indigo Airlines)
  • JetWings (Jet Airways)
  • Vistara (Air Vistara)
  • Spice Route (Spicejet)
  • Go Getter (Go Air)
  • Bihanga (Biman Bangladesh Airlines)
  • Sixty Degree (Airasia)
  • Shubh Yatra (Air India)
  • Happy Flying – (Air Costa)
  • Silverkris - Singapore Airlines
Bookadsnow: One of the best portals to publish Inflight Magazine Ads

The next worry for an in-flight magazine advertiser would be how to publish the inflight Ads, but we have the perfect solution for you. And that is Bookadsnow, a leading online media planning portal with more than 30 years of experience. Their long-standing presence in the industry and tie-ups with over a 1000 media houses makes them one of the most reputed and reliable Ad booking agencies in India.

Most importantly, Bookadsnow gives you the chance to book an inflight magazine advertising online from the comfort of your home or office for any media outlet across the country and in any city of your choice. They ensure maximum Return on Investment (ROI) on media spends for cross-promotional campaigns, thus helping brands with regional presence to diversify across the country and earn exposure. Moreover, Bookadsnow goes one step further in assisting your media buying process by providing you with proof of release and counseling for future releases as well.



To book in-flight magazine advertisements with Bookadsnow, get in touch at 9830400021 or drop them a mail at

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