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Top Inflight Magazines For Advertising

Oct 20, 2017 | Newspaper
Inflight Magazines Advertising

Inflight magazine is a free magazine that is disseminated through the seats of an airway by airline companies. Inserted at the back of the flight seat, Inflight magazines garner the benefit of reaching the niche segment categorized as the SEC A audience which is known to comprise decision-makers and the influential audience that has buying power. Inflight magazine advertising captures a well-defined and focused attention on the audience travelling by flight. The major advantage of Inflight magazine advertising is the aesthetic look and feel that the brand leaves in the mind of the audience. The paper quality utilized for the in-flight magazine provides better visual appearance creating a better effect on the audience psyche.

Breaking the clutter, Inflight magazine advertising restricts the brand’s ad to one:

This assists in increasing the distinct prominence of a magazine advertisement. With Bookadsnow, one of the most trusted online Magazine Advertising Agency, you can place the magazine advertisement in all in-flight magazines. We get you the best Inflight magazine advertising rates well blended with excellent services.  

Following are the top in-flight magazines for in-flight magazine advertising that we can help you advertise:

•    JetWings Inflight Magazine Advertising - Jet Airways International Inflight

•    JetWings - Jet Airways Inflight

•    6E World Magazine Advertising - IndiGo International Inflight

•    Hello 6E Magazine Advertising - IndiGo Inflight

•    Shubh Yatra Magazine Advertising– Air India Inflight

•    Spice Route Magazine Advertising - Spice Jet Inflight

•    Go Getter Magazine Advertising- Go Air Inflight

•    Vistara Magazine Advertising- Air Vistara

We at Bookadsnow recommend you to book your in-flight magazine advertising space at the earliest to avail the best position in these magazines. Few inflight magazines like the Indigo, Jet Airways decide on the advertisement space beforehand and rarely allow last-minute inclusion of new advertisements. But however, there are other in-flight magazines that allow last-minute ads, therefore it is best for you to contact us for the same. We hold great industrial relations and ability to provide you great deals and offers that will make your activity considerably worthwhile.

Tips for Inflight magazine advertising:

1)    The Advertisers must focus on getting the right side of the pages of the magazine. As the RHP (Right Hand Page) is more attention grabbing and focused.

2)     The Advertisers must try to get the best position in the first few pages or the last few pages of the in-flight magazine to increase eyeballs and readability.

3)    Booking an advertisement space earlier on the in-flight magazine assist with an optimum placement.

How to book Inflight Magazine Advertisement with Bookadsnow?

1)    Visit

2)    On the Homepage, you will find the Magazine icon. On the Magazine icon, you will find a “Book Now” option. Select the “Book Now” option.

3)    Type the in-flight magazine on the search bar and select the magazine from the drop down.

4)    On the icon of the selected magazine, you will find two options namely “View Details” and “Add to Plan.” Through these two options available on the magazine icon, you can send your queries for the in-flight magazine advertising.

You can also email us at to get an immediate reply and an opportunity to explain your requirement to us so that we can make suggestions for your budget investment basis our expertise and connections. To garner more information, you can also call or message us at + 91- 9830400021 and our media experts will get in touch with you instantly.

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