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Factors To Consider Before Booking An Advertisement in Newspaper

Feb 07, 2019 | Newspaper
Book advertisement in newspaper

Every time you decide on advertising your ad in a newspaper, it is highly advisable to pick the correct newspaper to communicate your message to the right set of audience. The right set of the audience are linked with certain considerable factors, and by anticipating these factors - you can choose the correct newspaper for your ad campaign. To get an idea about the correct newspaper for your advertisement type and requirement, it is essential for you to reach out to an experienced and renowned Newspaper Advertising Agency. The end reader or the audience of the newspaper for any brand, service, product or notification are grouped on the basis of location, income level, profession, language, age group and demographics of the specified location.

Bookadsnow, an INS accredited Newspaper Advertising Agency can assist you to choose the apt newspaper for your relevant advertisement depending on the readability, frequency, popularity, and reach of the newspaper. Following are the factors that you must keep in consideration before booking an advertisement on the newspaper:

Target Regions for Book Advertisement in Newspaper

The prime factor for any advertiser is to garner – REACH. Reach is the major factor on the basis of which the advertiser can choose the newspaper to publish an advertisement. It is important to ensure and decide on the type of reach like whether you want to reach a city, neighborhood, an entire district, a state or multiple states. On the grounds of your specification, we at Bookadsnow can suggest the newspaper that will serve your advertising goal. The bifurcation based on the target region or state is important as it decides the budget of publishing an advertisement in the specific newspaper. Newspapers in India are categorized under various city editions where few of them also reach out to various districts.


Language & Income of the target group for Book Advertisement in Newspaper

India constitutes a population of around 1.339 billion, of which 49% are females and 51% are males, with a literacy rate of 74.04% at present. Out of which 19% people are fluent in English, 42% people are fluent in Hindi and approximately 59% people speak other regional languages apart from Hindi which includes the language English. The detailed information listed above is beneficial for every advertiser, as this can assist them to decide the language of the newspaper that must be selected to book the ad. Moreover, from the above data, it is clear that the number of regional language readers is higher than the number of English or Hindi readers. Therefore, it provides a basic understanding of the prevalent trends that exist among the readers. For instance, in Kerala the fluency rate for Malayalam is 96% while the literacy rate is 94%, therefore getting an ad published in Malayalam language newspaper is the best way to target the audience of Kerala.


Age Group & Profession for Book Advertisement in Newspaper

You must select the newspaper on the basis of the kind of readership. The type of audience is decided based on whether it is popular among the business sector or among the students. There are newspapers with additional supplements that have a determined target audience.


Determine your end target – whether it is Rural, Urban or Both

For every advertiser, it is important to determine that whether their intention is to target the urban, rural or both the classes. This is highly dependent on the choice of the newspaper because the section residing in the rural portion are more comfortable with Regional language newspapers while the section residing in the urban area are comfortable with the English language newspaper. Therefore, the advertiser must make a wise decision before opting for an ad in a selected newspaper. If the advertiser intends to target both the rural and urban group at the same time, then district editions must be selected as it covers all the sectors that include villages, cities, and towns. We at Bookadsnow, a newspaper advertising agency can bestow you with the best newspaper advertising rates and assisting you from start to finish of the newspaper ad. We answer your relevant queries regarding ad booking and enable you to get maximum reach.


You have to only follow three simple steps to book your ad in newspaper with ease and comfort:
  • On the Homepage, you will find the Newspaper icon. On the Newspaper icon, you will find a “Book Now” option. Select the “Book Now” option.
  • Type the newspaper on the search bar and select the newspaper from the drop-down. On the icon of the selected newspaper, you will find two options View Details & Add to Plan. You can send your queries through these two options.
  • You can also email us at to get an immediate reply. To garner more information, you can also call or message us at + 91- 9830400021 and our media experts will get in touch with you.



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