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Advertise Your Products & Service Efficiently Through Newspaper Ads

Mar 27, 2020 | Newspaper
Newspaper advertisement

It is the year 2020 and as we see it, newspaper advertisements are still popular among brands/businesses/advertisers. Contrary to the belief that newspaper ads would die by now, apart from indulging in digital marketing strategies, advertisers are also sticking to traditional marketing by harnessing the power of print media.


However, whether you choose to release display classified advertisement or display ad, you have to be aware of a few tips and tricks that will turn the tables of your business. It is not easy to garner the attention of your target audience via newspaper advertising. Hence, here are some of the tricks that you must follow to make your advertisement strategy click in the market.


Are You Following these Tricks for a Successful Newspaper Advertisement?


Choose Your Newspaper Carefully...

It essentially means that you must choose a newspaper that has a high readership and circulation number in the industry. Again, if you are releasing display classified advertisements only for the readers of Kolkata and Delhi, make sure to choose a newspaper that is popular in these two regions. You can also opt for more than one publication if that fits your budget.


See What Your Competitors are Doing...

Chances are high that your competitors will also spend a hefty amount on newspaper advertisement. Understand the trend and the strategy of your competitors, thereby chalking out one for yourself to stand out in the market.


Include an Engaging Headline...

This can be in a question format or you can play with words. Whatever trick you choose to work with, make sure that it must catch the attention of the readers, thereby giving a better result.


Optimum Amount of Copy...

Loading your ad, especially if you are indulging in display classified advertisement, with excess information, you readers will ignore it. Most of the times, the readers have less time to read through an ad attentively if it's not a weekend. Hence, incorporate to the point information mentioning the benefits that will attract their attention. Also, add a relevant image to make the advertisement look attractive. Learn to maintain this balance.


Add Contact Info...

Releasing a newspaper ad without adding contact information like the website link, phone/mobile number, emails ID, etc. Make your brand look genuine to your potential customers, thereby winning over their trust as well.


Add a Call-to-Action...

Once you are done with putting proper information and imagery, make sure to add a call to action. For example, providing them with a 50% off coupon code for their next purchase will bring you a better ROI.


These are some of the basic tricks that you can follow to run your newspaper advertisement efficiently. Additionally, you make your newspaper ad further successful, you can also release one through a newspaper ad agency. For example, at Bookadsnow, we help our client at every step of releasing a newspaper ad, thereby simplifying the journey on the whole. What are the associated perks of releasing an ad through us? Here they are.


Perks of Releasing Ad through Bookadsnow

  • Owing 30+ years of experience, we are well aware of the tips and tricks that work towards an efficient newspaper advertisement.
  • We are a PAN India company, thereby helping you to release an ad in any newspaper and any edition of your choice.
  • Our in-house media experts will help you at every step along with providing you with the best ad placement, position and creative assistance.
  • Get the best ad rates through us as we negotiate the same with the concerned media house rather than display the card rate.
  • We will also assure you a next day ad release.


Hence, whether you choose to release a classified or display classified advertisement, the concoction of an excellent advertisement strategy and newspaper ad agency will bring you the best results.

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