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Why Should You Get Your TV Advertising Done From An Experienced Agency?

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
Television advertising

From the days of Mahabharat to the days of Game of Thrones, television has been the constant source of entertainment and information in our lives. Interestingly enough, while booking a TV ad you tend to realize the impact of TV commercials that have on the audience. Do you remember the Dhara ad where an angry little boy decides to run away from home and is only dissuaded by a steaming plate of crunchy jalebis?  Can you believe this ad was first aired almost 20 years ago? Well, this is the amount of impact that TV ads can have if it is aired during the correct time slot, to the correct audience.

This is the difference that an experienced agency makes. When one of our clients approached us with his TVC, he had a minimum idea about the scope of TV ads. Bookadsnow is an Advertising Agency that has an experience of 3 decades in the market.  The experts at Bookadsnow assisted the client and made him understand the concept of prime time on TV and time bands. Approaching an experienced agency has a number of perks and it begins with their well-established contacts.

You may think that TV Channel Advertisement is a costly affair, but leading agencies like us with years’ worth of experience can help you realize your dreams within your budget. They will help you invest in a better marketing plan for a wide audience rather than spend money uselessly on cheaper airing time during graveyard slots!

A good Advertising Agency can get you a slot on prime time TV, but a better one can even give you monitoring services for competitors’ ads, check their airing time and check the time band for your own TV ads. Believe it or not, most experienced agencies will provide you with verified pre- and post- evaluation reports on the impact of your aired TV commercial so that you get the value for your money.  Here is where, Bookadsnow, a leading Advertising Agency in India fits in well.

Bookadsnow thoroughly understands the worth of your hard earned money, therefore, we efficiently plan out and garner you with the perfect time slot for maximum reach.  We are an expert ad booking agency that helps you find suitable audience for displaying your TV ads, avoiding an overall to avoid duplicate reach in certain cases, TV shows with highest TRPs, best time slots and give you an estimate before the entire process kicks into motion.

Moreover, we offer the brands with an assorted list of channels that feature their target audience. We efficiently figure out which time of the day your target audience watches television the most depending on the popular programs that are aired. For instance, working adults generally watch programs on television at night or on weekends than during the daytime. The TV account rep based on specific channels can assist you to understand this. We can help you negotiate the best channel that grabs major attention of your target audience, best spot and best prices for the specific channel by signing a yearly contract with the Television station.

All in all, going to an experienced Advertising Agency for TV Channel Advertisement has no downsides. At the end of the day, we know how to make each penny count and endow you the satisfaction of working with the best-televised programs on the most sought-after television channels of the country.

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