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Things You Need To Know About Newspaper Advertising Cost

Nov 07, 2017 | Newspaper
Newspaper Advertisement

The first time one of our client’s sat down with the hope of making head or tail of newspaper advertising rates in India, she was quite confused. She found multiple online forums and websites that exhibited rate charts, but almost all of them had too many sub-categories, special rates, clauses and unstated terms and conditions. Deciding on a particular ad type for her just by viewing the newspaper advertising rates was literally difficult. Not only did the rates vary from one newspaper to another, the rates varied based on which day of the week the ads were to be printed. That is exactly when she decided to seek the help of an expert in the matter.


Bookadsnow the Top Advertising Agency in India


Bookadsnow made the entire concept of newspaper advertisement clear and articulately explained the entire concept of the association of the newspaper advertising rates with a particular ad type. At this point, you may be wondering if we could share a bit of what we as an INS accredited newspaper advertisement agency enlightened her about. So let us elaborate.

Rates vary according to the circulation number of a newspaper

This is quite obvious actually. If you want more people to see your ads, you will go for newspapers that circulate well in your region or even all over the country. This is the very reason; The Times of India, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar and The Hindu have such high advertising rates.

Rates depend on the type of ad size and position you choose

This is all about visibility. Most big companies opt for jacket ads or front page newspaper ads since no one misses this kind of an ad by default. This is also the costliest type among all ads. An inner page black and white ad costs the least, but also has the least visibility. Page 3 color ads are somewhere in between, they can cost around 10,000 INR per sq. cm for leading newspapers.>

Modular pricing of ads

These are much simpler to understand and calculate. Newspapers have set modules, and the newspaper advertising agencies like Bookadsnow offer you to book ads in – half page, quarter page and strips. They have standard pricing which usually does not vary according to the color-type of your ad.

The day of the week

If you wish to publish your ad on a Sunday paper, be ready to shed some serious dough. Sunday papers are the costliest in terms of ads since most people have the leisure to comb through the entire paper in detail on a Sunday.

Book Newspaper Advertisement at Lowest Ad Rates

There are quite a few other interesting factors that contribute to the associated newspaper advertising rates of booking distinct types of newspaper ads.

  1. The setup and design process
  2. The setup cost of printing
  3. The cost of media

Newspaper advertisement guarantees you maximized reach and guaranteed eyeballs if you opt or choose for prominent ad positions. Bookadsnow, a leading newspaper advertising agency is a venture of Lookad India that has a long-standing relationship with the leading newspapers of India that ensures your ads reach out to the masses and you get the best quote possible without any hidden costs. When you have an agency with more than 30 odd years of experience in town, you hardly need to worry about understanding all the nitty-gritty of the entire booking process yourself and focus solely on building your brand while we work as your extended media partners.

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