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What Makes Advertisers Release Newspaper Ads in The Indian Express?

Oct 24, 2019 | Newspaper

Many have pondered about the use of print media as an advertising tool in this current day and age. With the growing use of internet as well as several other related platforms, the influence of newspapers are now being put into question. Is it time for advertisers to switch to the digital alternative?

A newspaper advertisement still holds huge significance in the current world of advertising. Contrary to popular belief, newspapers are not disappearing anytime soon. In fact, their popularity is on the rise. While these advertisements are expensive, ads in newspapers are the ones that most place their faith in.




Print ads are non-intrusive as compared to other mediums, especially compared to digital. Whether you watch a movie or play a game, an ad is sure to come in your way and disturb you. On the other hand, newspaper ads are read without any compulsion – leading to increased remembrance of advertising messages and brand recall. Readers consciously come across newspaper ads, which is also backed by its nature of credibility and trust.


Since its early inception, this publication has been linked to producing objective news items. Some have even compared its status to that of a ‘watchdog’ for the masses, bringing the truth of matters to light. With its proactive journalism and an insatiable hunger for the truth, this English-based newspaper serves only to relay the honest details to audiences, leaving them with the freedom of forming their own opinions. ­­It is also informative on other fronts as well. One can find details regarding current affairs and lifestyle, health, fashion, international news, etc.

As a result, one of the best mediums to release a newspaper advertisement in India is through The Indian Express. Here’s why advertisers prefer to choose this medium.




The Indian Express – The Perfect Way to Grab the Attention of Audiences

Let's see why one should release an Indian Express advertisement.

  • Reader base and loyalty: Without considering the newspaper advertising rates, an ad will surely reap successful benefits owing to their sharp journalism and accuracy of events. It now reaches over 19 million people across the country presently.
  • Popularity: This newspaper is circulated in several regions. Some of these regions include Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Mumbai, etc. With an Indian Express advertisement, advertisers have the advantage of targeting several cities as well.
  • Credibility: Most turn to this newspaper for their daily dose of news and information. Its coverage is based on comprehensive analysis and fearless reporting, two features that make it stand out for readers.
  • Format of advertisements: Be it a recruitment ad or a property ad, a classified ad or a display ad – you can easily release any type of advertisement of your choice with The Indian Express. This grants more flexibility to advertisers.
  • Fresh and updated content: You can get up to speed in a matter of minutes with The Indian Express. Bringing you the latest in news and occurrences across the world, it also leads one directly to your advertisements.

As you can see, this newspaper is a top medium to release your newspaper advertisements. Backed by numerous reasons, it is sure to benefit advertisers with increased visibility and engagement. Held in high esteem due to the quality of content it produces regularly, it is equally renowned as a tool for advertising.

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