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How to Book Public Notice for Loss of Share Certificate in Business Standard

Oct 09, 2019 | Newspaper
Public Notice Ad in Business Standard

Investors who have shares in a company may choose to possess a physical share certificate as evidence of their share ownership. This becomes an important document for shareholders and provides details about the investor’s stock ownership such as the number of shares purchased, etc.

Losing this document creates a huge difficulty for investors. There are a number of legal formalities to be followed when encountered with a loss of share certificate. However, the first step is to inform others as well as the concerned company about it. Once information is delivered, the company can prevent others from using the certificate if found. This happens by immediately freezing the folio or details provided to the company.

Informing parties is the first step. This is precisely why it becomes important to know how to give public notice ads in newspapers. In case you’re wondering, this type of advertisement seeks to inform audiences of certain events or developments that concern general interest. Be it a dispute over property or community information, one should know how to release a public notice advertisement in esteemed newspapers such as Business Standard.

On that note, are you familiar with this newspaper?

Business Standard - One of the Leading Financial Dailies in the Country

A financial newspaper is different from an ordinary newspaper because it typically focuses on the economic aspect of daily life (which sharply differs from regular coverage). This focuses on several topics such as the status of the stock market, international business and trade, currency markets, etc.

Published by Business Standard Ltd., Business Standard is one of the largest Indian English-language newspapers currently. With its origins in the year 1975, it has now grown to reach over a thousand towns and cities. There are 12 centres from where this newspaper is published, namely, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, etc.

Laying emphasis on the values of free and fair writing, each of its pages strives to inform and notify audiences of the latest in terms of economic developments. There are also supplements such as The Strategist and others that focus on matters such as management, marketing, lifestyle, etc. These serve as platforms for one to release a newspaper advertisement.

In fact, as per the figures of 2019 by the IRS, this newspaper carries a total readership of 505, 000 and an average issue readership (AIR) of 107,000. For those seeking the best of financial news with incisive and objective opinions, the Business Standard should be your first choice for releasing advertisements.

However, have you figured out how to book your advertisement?

Bookadsnow – The Simplest Way of Releasing Newspaper Advertisements

With online booking portals such as Bookadsnow, booking ads in top publications in the country become a simple and hassle-free process. Understanding the urgency and need of how to give public notice ads in newspapers, Bookadsnow summarizes the entire process into a few simple steps:

  • Open the Bookadsnow website:               
  • Select the city and choice of publication
  • Select the type of advertisement from the list
  • Upload your content along with your contact information and queries
  • Our media experts will contact you shortly after

As a medium that serves to release your newspaper advertisements, there are more than enough reasons to choose us among others.

  • 30+ years of expertise in the media industry
  • Possession of INS accreditation
  • Strong relations with several media houses
  • Allows booking even at the 11th hour
  • Provides better as well as negotiable ad rates
  • Offers complete assistance and transparency

If you need to release news about your loss of share certificate, don’t hesitate with Bookadsnow.

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