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Booking Ads with Dainik Bhaskar now made easy!

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
dainik bhaskar classified booking

The digital age is making its ever-growing influence felt in the world of newspaper advertising as well. Dainik Bhaskar dubbed by the Audit Bureau of Circulation in 2016 as one of the most popular Hindi dailies available today bears breaking news that covers a vast array of topics which include Indian politics, entertainment, international policy and administration, sports and much more!

Dainik Bhaskar classified booking provides an elaborate platform that not only allows you to reach a vast database of people but also allows you to avail of a number of cost-effective options that make it easier to advertise without being too heavy on your pocket. Booking a classified ad with Dainik Bhaskar has become quite easy with the help of ‘Bookadsnow’ a certified partner of Dainik Bhaskar and an INS (Indian Newspaper Society) accredited agency.

Given below are the many benefits of booking a Dainik Bhaskar advertisement:-


Cost Effective Options: Dainik Bhaskar classifieds have advertising options that are specific to your budget. This allows you to pick from a large array of options that not only satisfy your goals but your collective budget as well. Depending on your requirements and budget you may choose from complete classified display ads and text classified formats.

Immediate booking options: Need an immediate send out to be scheduled for an urgent ad? Not to worry, we have options in place for even the most immediate needs.

Online Payments: Booking a Dainik Bhaskar advertisement has become much easier with the addition of online secure payments. This reduces the time spent in procedure and allows you to get your ads out sooner.

End-to-End Consultation: Need consultation when booking any classifieds with Dainik Bhaskar? Not to worry our team is always ready to provide assistance for every step of the way.

Targeting and Reach: Dainik Bhaskar has an avid reader database of over 6 million readers, making it easier to target the audience that is most likely to interact with your ad. To elaborate, Dainik Bhaskar is proud to have 1 edition in Uttar Pradesh, 1 edition in Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi and Chandigarh, 3 editions in Haryana, 4 in Chhattisgarh, Bihar, and Punjab, 12 editions in Rajasthan and 5 editions in Madhya Pradesh thus making it easier to target favourable groups of people.

Templates: Booking a Dainik Bhaskar advertisement for the first time? Not to worry we have a number of popular readymade templates to choose from.

If any queries arise when booking an ad format with Bookadsnow the leading newspaper advertising agency for Dainik Bhaskar, do let us know. Our media team is always at your service!

Ideal procedure to follow when booking Dainik Bhaskar classifieds:-


Select format: Based on your budget and requirements select a format or category for your ad to be displayed. Two formats generally used are Text Classifieds and Display Classifieds.

Audience Targeting: The next step is to consolidate your audience demographic which ideally includes the reach or extent of your ad (the preferable amount of people who you would want to view and interact with your ad) and the specific groups of people that you want to interact with your advertisement when availing a Dainik Bhaskar classified booking.

Payments: With the introduction of safe and secure online payments you now have the ability to pay for your bookings with Dainik Bhaskar online!

Date of Release: Finally fix a release date for your ad and its release date before finalizing the send out. Your ad will then be sent out on the date and duration of time that you have specified.

With ‘Bookadsnow’ you can book Dainik Bhaskar classifieds easily without any hassle. With a team of experienced media personnel available in-house, we have the ways and means to guide you along the path of advertising success!

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