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Secret to Book Recruitment Ads in Newspapers Finally Revealed!

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
recruitment ads in newspaper

Recruitment Advertisement is always in demand and one will come across such Ads throughout the year. Apart from indulging in online portals for hiring the right candidate, organizations involved in releasing recruitment Ads in newspaper as well. Plus, such Ads gives rise to two-way traffic. An individual searching for the right job also gets benefited from recruitment Ads. As for the organization, they get hold of the right candidate for a particular designation, whom they can use as an asset leading to the growth of the company. Hence, such Ads gives rise to a link between the organizations and the individuals to can come together on a common platform to fulfill each other's requirement.

But again, booking recruitment Ad in newspaper is a time taking process and nobody in today's world is bestowed with that much time. In fact, organizations are always on the lookout for the ways to book recruitment Ads in a simplified manner.

Hence, what is the Solution to release recruitment ads?

Hiring a newspaper advertising agency is the answer to this solution. Ok, so we do understand that probably as an organization, you must think that hiring an agency is simply giving rise to more expense, right? However, this is where we think wrong. Most of the advertisers are still unaware of the perks that come with hiring a newspaper advertising agency.

However, will every newspaper advertising agency provide with the same perks?

No! You cannot expect perks coming from every newspaper ad agency, which is why you must do a proper research about an agency and hire one to suit your needs. In this regard, Bookadsnow wins the crown.

Why Should You Tap on Bookadsnow to book recruitment ad?

To start with, allow us to rectify ourselves! We are not just a mere Ad booking agency but media planning, buying and releasing portal. And here are the reasons why should you hire us for releasing recruitment Ads in the newspaper.

Our 30+ years of experience: Which has enabled us to familiarise with the nitty-gritty of the advertising world, thereby allowing us to make success stories for our clients.

We are INS accredited: Which means brands and media houses can trust us for great results without any second thought. Furthermore, the INS certification adds to the credibility of the brand name.

We have simplified the Ad booking process: And one book Ads via us online from their comfort zone. One has to go through a few simple steps and process of booking Ads get wrapped up in a matter of a few minutes.

We have a proficient in-house media team: Who will guide you all through your Ad booking process. Not just that, we will also provide you with the best Ad placement suggestions along with readymade Ad templates to further simplify the process.

We do not display the card rate: As we have the potential to negotiate the Ad rates with the publication houses in order to provide them with the best rate in the market.

We maintain a transparency with our clients: Provide them with the hard copy of the newspaper where the Ad gets released in order to view it and prove our work quality.

Easy and Secured payment options: Via various payment channels like net banking, debit/credit card, cheques, draft, etc.

With these points, one can clearly deduce that releasing a newspaper Ad via Bookadsnow will help an advertiser to earn a healthy viewership, backed up by the quick release of Ad and better ROI.

How to Book Recruitment Ads via Bookadsnow?

We are probably the only newspaper advertising agency who will help you in wrapping the process in a matter of a few minutes.

Step 1: Click on Appointment Ad from our homepage.

Step 2: Click on the newspaper of your choice.

Step 3: Choose the Ad format of your choice among Classified Ad, Display Ad and Classified Display Ad.

Step 4: You’ll come across an online form for each type of Ad format.

  • Start by mentioning the location for releasing the recruitment Ad.
  • Mention the Ad size
  • Upload the Ad creative and specify the date of release
  • Lastly, mention details like your name, email id, phone number and comment if needed

Once done with these steps, our media team will call you, learn about your requirements in details and accordingly set a price for your advertisement after negotiating with the publication house. To book recruitment ads in newspaper you can directly call us @ 9830400021 or mail us at

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