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Unable to Release Ads due to COVID-19? Turn to Your Trusted Agency- Bookadsnow

Apr 15, 2020 | Newspaper
Release ads via Bookadsnow

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has shaken the world to the core. Every nation is suffering from a terrible health condition with the death percentage rising with each passing day. Not just that, the pandemic has also severely impacted the global economic condition due to the lockdown announced by the government. Brands, businesses, MNCs, etc. are unable to work properly as consumers have stopped all sorts of purchases except the essentials. 


One other reason that is affecting various business sectors is the fact that they are unable to reach the mass due to the lack of platforms through which they can release ads. And what can be a better option to reach the target audience apart from releasing newspaper ads and TV ads?


To help you with releasing newspaper ads and TV ads even in such a dire situation, Bookadsnow has decided to stand by you. Hence, if you are intending to release on these platforms but unable to reach any advertising agency to fulfil your requirement, we at Bookadsnow, are here to listen to your query and work accordingly to meet your needs. 


Why Choose Bookadsnow Now?


1) Bookadsnow is an online platform for releasing newspaper ads and TV ads. Hence, even during this period of lockdown, when most of the agencies are not accepting any booking, we are here to help you with the same.


2) You can send us your query online and we will revert in no time to know more about your requirements. This way, you'll be able to maintain social distancing (as you won't have to visit our office) while getting your ad released at the same time.


3) Newspapers are being printed, quite contrary to the belief that they are not available in the market. Hence, if you have an urgent requirement of releasing a newspaper advertisement like an obituary ad, you can contact us while we will guide you throughout the process.


4) The recent lockdown has increased the viewership and impression of TV channels, especially the news channels. Hence, at this time, releasing a television advertisement, especially in the news channels will fetch you a healthy ROI.


5) We are a PAN India organisation. Hence, it means that you can release an online newspaper advertisement and TV ads via us in any publication and channel of your choice. For example,  if you are staying in Kolkata and need to release an ad in Mumbai, Delhi or any other city, we will help you with the same.


6) We maintain a healthy relationship with media houses across the nation- even the top-notch ones. Thus, if you have a requirement of releasing an ad in a top platform like The Times of India, The Hindu, Aaj Tak, Republic TV, contact Bookadsnow and we'll be more than happy to help you.


With over 30+ years of experience, Bookadsnow has always put first the requirements of the clients, working tirelessly to meet their expectations. While we are taking measures to facilitate good health and wellness of our in-house media experts, our commitment to provide you with unmatched service is still living. 

Reach out to us at or get in touch with us @9830400021 and our media experts will help you in booking ads instantly.

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