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Recruitment Ads in Newspapers: The Best Way to Attract Candidates

Feb 21, 2020 | Newspaper
Recruitment ads

The search for something is as important as the result. It’s no easy feat to find a specific thing that you have in mind. During your search, you may encounter a variety of options while facing several hurdles as well. There is still no guarantee that you will find that exact thing you’re looking for.

The same can be said when employers seek to fill up a vacancy or opening in their organization. Getting the best talent for the opening is harder than it seems. The obstacles range across a limited network and reach to a poor medium to spread awareness. Employers would obviously want the best pool of candidates to be present at the time of the interview. How then do they ensure the same?


The easiest way - they release a recruitment ad in a newspaper.

Here’s why.

Why Choose Recruitment Ads to Attract Efficient Candidates

Newspapers are a trusted source of information that consumers have always placed their faith in. Hence, brands take advantage of this natural advantage and use it as a tool of promotion. At the same time, newspaper ads are not intrusive in contrast to other mediums. Readers consciously set their eyes on these advertisements and hence, are truly effective ways to attract your target audience.

Using this medium to your benefit, recruitment ads in newspapers are the perfect way to go. Check out the features of this type of advertisement:

  • Released with the intention of bringing suitable candidates for openings/vacancies
  • Creates opportunities for individuals to showcase their potential
  • Generates interest among a larger audience for the position
  • Better brand awareness of employer and organization/company
  • Lesser hiring time with accurate qualification screenings

These types of newspaper advertisements are a win-win for both parties – candidates have the opportunity to showcase their skills while employers are in a position to get the best for their opening. Using newspapers for this purpose can help you access a specific type of audience with your own criteria and preferences.


Moreover, using newspapers for your advertising purpose allows you to also choose various geographical locations thanks to the numerous editions. There is flexibility when choosing the size and placement of the ad as well. One major drawback is the fact that getting the best results for your newspaper ads may be a bit on the expensive side.

With Bookadsnow, you can be assured of the best advertising rates.

Here’s what this newspaper advertising agency is all about.


30+ Years of Experience and Expertise in the Sphere of Media

Bookadsnow is an extension of Lookad India Pvt. Ltd. that offers media, planning, buying and releasing services for all forms of media. Being an authorized ad-booking partner of various publications, it stands as the first choice for many looking to release newspaper advertisements. It also takes first place due to the fact that it offers the best rates in the market.

Bookadsnow maintains complete transparency with its clients and sets quotations according to the scope of their demands. It does away with card rates by working in close sync with clients and even goes the extra mile by negotiating newspaper advertisement rates on their behalf.

As a matter of fact, it also provides assistance in other aspects. This user-centric platform offers customized solutions for reaching goals set by individual brands. This ranges from issues such as choosing a suitable form of media to helping in the selection of publications. You can also bank on Bookadsnow for last-minute and time-sensitive releases in cases such as obituary ads.

So, when it comes to recruitment ads in newspapers, Bookadsnow is surely the way to go.

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