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How to Use Divorce Notice Ads When You Have an Absentee Spouse

May 13, 2021 | Newspaper

A divorce is always an unfortunate occurrence, something that must be dealt with in the most delicate of ways. However, the process itself is far from simple. All divorces take place based on mutual agreement and since marriage is legally registered, divorce must be as well. If there is cooperation from both parties, there is smooth sailing ahead. But what about cases where one of the spouses is unwilling or not available?

In this scenario, divorce notice ads are the clear solution!

In order to keep your spouse aware of the separation, these ads are the go-to in such situations. However, it is the only resort when the divorce papers fail to be delivered in person. The importance of a legal notice ad for divorce lies in the fact that it provides evidence of the divorce and binds it legally. But the choice of newspaper is also important in this context.

Why Divorce Notice Ads in India’s Top Publications?

divorce notice ads

When it comes to getting your message out in the open, releasing an ad in the top publications is definitely the way to go. However, do ensure that you choose one popular national daily as well as one regional daily when opting for a legal notice for divorce. The criteria depend on the circulation and the readership base it holds. Names like the Times of India and Dainik Jagran are popular national dailies while Daily Thanthi and Lokmat are great examples of regional ones. Wide reach is what matters the most, as well as the newspaper advertising cost attached.

Benefits of Choosing Bookadsnow for Newspaper Ads

Bookadsnow has been active in the newspaper advertising game for a while now.

Helping advertisers make the best use of their media spends, it is highly regarded for its tailor-made solutions and result-oriented suggestions based on their needs. Even better, its strong relationships with media houses also make it a great choice to consider for releasing a mutual divorce notice. Its trusted relations help get the best advertising rates (which are definitely better than the market offers).

Here are a few more that are definitely worth noting:

Added advantages for ad bookers:

Besides these, it offers a variety of other benefits with newspaper ads:

  • 24/7 ad booking services

  • Convenient payment options

  • Last-minute ad booking facility

  • Best newspaper advertising rates

  • Creative assistance on standby

Easy process of booking ads:

Understanding how difficult and time-consuming it can be, Bookadsnow has simplified the process into 3 easy steps. All you need to do is open the website, select the newspaper with a legal notice for divorce and upload your respective creative content. You may leave a comment below if need be. And besides this, you can always count on its media experts for more assistance.

Trusted name in the media industry:

Bookadsnow has enjoyed 30+ years of experience in the media sector. Hence, it is well versed in the tricks and trade of how to get the best results. It also has the prestigious INS accreditation to its name that adds to its preference. Working with popular brands like JK Tyres and Lux, it has definitely carved a niche for itself and stands as a top choice considering divorce notice ads in a newspaper.

You also have the luxury of choosing any major regional or national daily for your advertising needs. At the best possible rates! Bookadsnow’s media planning, buying and releasing services come with great advantages to every person/business looking to harness the power of newspaper advertising.

So if it’s about newspaper advertising, do it right with Bookadsnow!

Get in touch with us to know more about how we can help you.


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