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How to Grab Audiences' Attention Through Hindustan Times Ads

Dec 30, 2020 | Newspaper
Audiences from Hindustan Times


Newspaper advertising has always been favoured by huge brands and business. This is because they understand the power that it has and the potential it possesses to get you to the top. However, this is also dependent on the publication itself and how you go about the advertising process.

You’ll find that a Hindustan Times advertisement will bring great benefits down the line!

Garnering preference as one of the best English publications in today’s media sphere, it has won the hearts of audiences due to a variety of reasons. Some of these are as follows:

  • Timely, quality content for readers          
  • Strong viewership and circulation figures
  • Good presence in North India
  • Popular supplements like HT Shine, etc.
  • Variety of editions in several cities

Even with these benefits at hand, it’s not enough to achieve your goals and objectives.


Hence, here is a list of tips and tricks to help you grab the attention of readers instantly!

Always Know Who’s on the Other End

Determine your audience. There’s no point in doing the work in regards to the ad creative and then find out it didn’t have that impact you intended. Ensure that your message is sure to reach the right eyes. Once that’s determined, put the spotlight on them. What do they like? What is most likely to make them stop and stare?

A deep understanding of their behaviour and status (age, income, education level, etc.) will determine the success of your Hindustan Times advertisement. Also, the ad content itself must address their pain points and concerns in the process. Keeping both in mind, frame the offer carefully and make the most of this esteemed publication.

Keep it Clear, as Much as Possible  

Effective messaging and communication stems from crisp yet clear language. Typically, people cannot purchase large spaces due to the high Hindustan Times ad rates (you can get the best with Bookadsnow, in case you didn’t know). This means that content should be straightforward yet immersive, catchy yet informative in a presentation.

It is perhaps best to keep a simple headline backed by the support of every element to support this message. Whether price or quality, the entire ad must be focused in one direction for maximum engagement. The simpler the copy, the better. Any newspaper ad agency will agree.

Use Tools Like Questions and Curiosity

Sometimes, it’s best to provide trails of breadcrumbs rather than the bread itself. Leaving audiences on a cliffhanger can prove to be the best way to catch their attention. For instance, if the headline of a Hindustan Times advertisement reveals the product itself, we may never be tempted to read on. However, if we use a question that audiences can relate to, it may just be that spark needed to capture interest.

Raising curiosity levels can be super effective. This also has strong psychological impacts. People tend to feel a sort of deprivation when they notice a gap between what they know and what want to know. By provoking them with a catchy tagline, they will want to fill in the blanks themselves. Of course, it is wise to never to reveal the story from the start itself.

It’s All About the First Two Seconds

It is often said that audiences browse through newspapers and spare a maximum of two seconds before turning the page. Unfortunately, that is the only window of opportunity that most have when you consider newspaper display advertising. Whether through the headline or graphics, the unique positioning statement must be revealed as effectively as possible. Of course, this should fall hand in hand with your objectives.

There are a variety of reasons to advertise. To inform. To persuade. To generate leads. To remind. To persuade. To be successful, advertising should work closely with other marketing tools and business elements to bring out the true power of a Hindustan Times advertisement.

Position Your Ads For Maximum Visibility

Grabbing the attention is not just limited to the ad copy itself. Remember, particular ad placements will perform better than others. Of course, we’re not talking about the ads on the first page. While front-page newspaper display advertising always assures great impact, it also ensures a great expenditure from your end.

But it is always wise to keep your ads near the front page of the publication since they tend to be better remembered. Also, psychology suggests that eyes first fall on the right side of a publication. In keeping with the same, advertisers always prefer the front page, back page and inside cover as the most impactful placements. However, there are more creative options such as attachable posters available as well.


“Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.”
-          David Ogilvy, the Father of Advertising


Even when you advertise in a leading publication with the best Hindustan Times ad rates, it’s not enough. There are a variety of variables involves that play a role in the impact and each must be considered with care.

Of course, it becomes so much easier when you have the assistance of a highly rated newspaper ad agency like Bookadsnow. So, pick up the phone today and make the incredible benefits of newspaper advertising work for your own business!

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