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How Do You Earn Free Press For Your Business?

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
earn free press

Good press brings traffic to your website and can create customers seemingly out of thin air. It can also lead to more press. The best kind of press is not something you can necessarily buy. And if you do not mind a little work, there are ways to get good free press.

Be Remarkable 

Being remarkable always does not mean your product or service has to be truly unique. Do something remarkable and you can receive press. You could experiment with a bold design on your website, develop a witty personality for your brand on Twitter, take risks with your website copy, and so on. These out-of-the-box efforts might be received really well, and you can get people talking about your product or service.

Jump on Popular Trends, Consider Different Perspectives

Trends emerge in every industry and that can help propel your search for the free press. You have to jump on them at the right time, though. When you approach anyone who has something you want, you need to understand their perspective and incentives. This will help increase your chances of them actually taking the action that you want them to take. Say, you are thinking from the perspective of a reporter. Now you need to communicate your story in a way that directly speaks to their incentives.

When you are looking to increase the chances of a reporter taking on your story, please consider –

  • Motivation – Understand the reason a reporter would publish your story. Once you do that, it will be easier for you to communicate with them.
  • Trigger – A trigger aims to capture a person’s attention. Please make sure that the communication you send to the reporter serves as a trigger to incite action.
  • Ability – Lower the effort barrier as much as possible to increase your chances of receiving free press. This is because people are less likely to complete an action if the ability to take that action is placed behind any barrier.

Target Specific Publications

There are certain journalists who will be more motivated to cover your story than others. These are the people you need to target. Conduct some research to find them. Be more aware of each and every publication and journalist that covers your niche.

Prepare Necessary Press Assets in Advance

Your targeted reporter needs to access all the information they require to make a decision, or they may just move on. To increase the reporter’s ability to take a decision in your favour, please include the following in your pitch –

Be Persistent

If you are hunting for a free press, you are going to get ignored and rejected. Set realistic expectations, rather than letting it discourage you. It does take an effort to build momentum for something, but once you get going, it becomes easier. In terms of press, each feature that you receive will make it more likely for you to receive more features in future.

Things To Remember

When it comes to public relations, there is no shortcut. If you want to get media coverage, you need to have something to say that others will want to hear. That is how you earn exposure and increased recall, along with sales boost, and various other opportunities. Understand what news really is, and take the first step. Make sure your story is newsworthy. Set the desired goal and based on that, choose a strategy that makes sense.

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