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Gather Your Loved Ones with Malayala Manorama Obituary Ads

Aug 25, 2021 | Newspaper
Malayala Manorama obituary advertisement rates

Everyone familiar with reading a newspaper would have stumbled upon an obituary ad at some point. Without a doubt, advertisements like a Malayala Manorama obituary are released to notify the public of a loved one’s passing. But they also seek to convey funeral details and pay respect to the life of the deceased. Through a short overview, you can relay what you admired most and cherished about the departed.

But there’s one major function of obituary ads that are often overlooked - they are released to reunite families and friends. It’s not just about getting condolences after releasing an obituary advertisement in Malayala Manorama or another newspaper. During such unfortunate times, your loved ones will help you find closure. Not only will they understand your pain but their presence itself will prove to be supportive.

This is perhaps the main reason behind releasing an obituary ad – to pay your final respects amidst the company of your near and dear ones. And if it’s about reaching the ones that matter, a newspaper advertisement in Malayala Manorama will not disappoint. Listed below are reasons why an obituary here will be beneficial for people looking to release the same.


Why Malayala Manorama Ads Can Make a Difference

Reach: When it comes to getting important messages out in the open, reach becomes the primary criteria for success. In case you didn’t know, the presence of a Malayala Manorama advertisement even crosses national boundaries. By advertising here, you have easy access to places like Dubai, Manama and Doha. With the country, you can reach audiences based in Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.

Supplements: While Malayala Manorama obituary advertisement rates may be higher than perceived, agencies like Bookadsnow can always help to get the best for your needs. Its status as one of the top 10 publications makes it one of the most sought-after newspapers in the country. Moreover, it also puts forward a series of supplements that can help target audiences with ease.

Here are the names you should be acquainted with.

  • The Week: English, general interest (weekly)
  • Magic Pot: English, children (weekly)
  • Smart Life: English, lifestyle/health (monthly)
  • Karshakarshee: Malayalam, agriculture/gardening (monthly)
  • Vanitha: Malayalam/Hindi, women (fortnightly)
  • The Man: English, men’s lifestyle (monthly)
  • Kalikkudukka: Malayalam, children (weekly)
  • Sampadhyam: Malayalam, personal finance (weekly)

Content: These advanced targeting options available with Malayala Manorama will surely benefit others in the case of obituary advertisements. But what also helps is its credibility, engaging and accurate nature of content. People read this newspaper due to the rich journalistic content that is created on a regular basis. Credit extends to K.M.Matthew (former editor) who changed the entire look and feel of the newspaper upon his entry.

Redefining standards in Kerala, he used the best of techniques rooted in international journalism and newspaper production. Those values still hold strong today and add to the overall charm.

Statistics: There are also superb statistics that back up the preference of a newspaper advertisement in Malayala Manorama. There has been a rise from 15,999,000 (IRS 2017) in total readership to 17,477,000 (IRS 2019 Q1). Within the same time span, there has also been an increase from 9,383,000 to 9,758,000 in Average Issue Readership. Statista reports a readership of 17,763, 000 from a study carried out between December 2019 and March 2020.


As you can see, this combination of factors perfectly explains the justification of obituary advertisement rates in Malayala Manorama. To make your ads even more effective, speak to our media experts to learn more about this newspaper can give your messages the visibility and reach it deserves.

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