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Benefits of Giving Newspaper Advertisement in Local Newspapers of Delhi

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
Newspaper Advertising agencies in Delhi

A newspaper is the most basic source of information for the people of India. Newspapers not only circulate information but also help you reach out to your audience quicker. It is the most preferred form of advertising because of its extensive reach and low advertising rates. Even in this digital era, the print industry is ruling and flourishing.

Delhi, the capital of India covers an area of 1,484 square kilometers. It is the 2nd most productive metropolitan city in India. Having a population of about 16.8 million, the city provides ample opportunities to the Newspaper Advertising Agencies in Delhi.

Releasing ads in local newspapers of Delhi offers the following advantages:

•    Delhi local newspapers have huge demand and wide circulation. Therefore, newspaper advertisement in Delhi endows higher viewership.

•    As newspapers are read regularly, continuous publicity is possible by publishing your advertisement in the local dailies or weeklies.

•    By proper selection of the type and position of your advertisement, you can assure higher effectiveness and appeal to your readers.

•    Timely announcements in newspapers can be made within a few hours of conceiving the idea.

The top local newspapers of Delhi where you can advertise are:

Amar Ujala: Amar Ujala Delhi Advertisement has a circulation of over 20, 00,000 copies daily. According to the Indian Readership Survey, Amar Ujala readership is above 5.51 million.

Dainik Bhaskar: Dainik Bhaskar Delhi Advertisement is the largest Hindi daily with a circulation of 6 million copies and 53 print locations across India.

Dainik Jagran: Dainik Jagran Delhi Advertisement has over 16.4 million readers per issue endowing economic and negotiable advertisement rates.

Navbharat Times: The circulation in Navbharat Times Delhi Advertisement is limited to Delhi and NCR only by design. This gives a highly cultivated readership to the Navbharat Times classified ads, who have a high purchasing power.

Punjab Kesari: Punjab Kesari Delhi Advertisement has a daily circulation of over 1,159,489 with a dedicated and high readership.

Bookadsnow is one of the leading media buying agencies which helps you Booking Newspaper Advertisement in any local newspaper of Delhi. We are an INS accredited online Newspaper Ad Agency in Delhi with an experience of more than 30 years in this field.

Why should you book ads in local newspapers of Delhi through Bookadsnow?

•    We help you to create brand awareness among your prospective audience.

•    We make your advertisement visually more attractive and engaging.

•    We provide you with competitive Newspaper Advertising Rates by negotiating on your behalf.

Advertising in Delhi local newspapers with Bookadsnow the Top Newspaper Advertising Agency in Delhi, is a good decision because newspapers offer great discounts on bulk advertisement. Local newspapers of Delhi offer distinct categories where you can place your ads.

To book your ad in local newspapers of Delhi, follow these simple steps:

•    Visit our website

•    Select your location as Delhi.

•    Decide on the local Delhi newspaper you want your ad to be published in.

•    Find the ad type that matches your requirement and budget from the given list.

•    Fill in the ad details and your contact details and our media expert will get in touch with you.

•    After you confirm the quote received from us, you will receive an invoice with all the payment options that are available. After your payment is done, your ad will get published on the chosen date in the Delhi newspaper of your selection.

•    We will then send you a copy of the e-paper after your ad is released in the newspaper.


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