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Book Notice Ads in India’s Top Newspapers with Bookadsnow

Jan 19, 2022 | Newspaper
notice ads in newspapers


India is the 2nd largest newspaper publisher in the world. With more than 70 million copies published on a daily basis, newspaper advertising has actually become a part of life. This automatically ensures that your company notice ads in newspapers have a better chance of performing well. In fact, it continues to play its part as the most trusted advertising medium in India.

According to a study , it leads with 86% in contrast to other mediums. Hence, the traditional power of the newspaper still stands strong. Print tends to be an extremely involved medium where reader devotes a larger portion of their time to ads. This assures maximum viewership of your ads where people actually look at your content – a benefit that you can definitely leverage.

However, successful newspaper advertising will depend on two vital conditions:

a. The newspaper/ edition you select

b. The ad booking portal you choose

Choice of newspaper:

Choosing newspaper advertising is profitable in itself. Consumers tend to put greater trust in notice ads in newspapers than ads in other platforms. However, choosing from India’s top-rated newspaper is not the ultimate solution you think it is. For instance, The Telegraph would be ideal to reach the English-speaking audience in Kolkata while Anandabazar Patrika would successfully reach the Bengali-speaking population. However, Hindustan Times would be the best choice for an English daily in Delhi as well as Mumbai. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala, The Hindu would effectively reach audiences in South India.

To back the preference for notice ads in newspapers, you will also need the circulation and readership figures of the publication. Figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation of India (ABC) is necessary here. It offers information and statistics that contain such information for all dailies and magazines. By taking a look, you’ll know the numbers that make a specific desirable. In terms of circulation, Dainik Bhaskar stands at the top with 4,187,757 copies! The Times of India comes third with 2,415,717 copies right after Dainik Jagran’s 3,379,314.

As you can see, not every newspaper will prove to be the right one for you. You will need to factor in such considerations before booking notice ads in newspapers online. Every newspaper resonates with a certain type of demographic and region – knowing the right one becomes a bit tricky in this regard. This brings us to the second condition: the ad booking portal you choose to release your company ads in newspapers.

Choice of ad booking portal:

Many often overlook this part. Your advertising efforts will go in vain if you don’t understand the need for getting the correct ad booking portal! In simple terms, you will be able to successfully see the final stage for your company notice ads in newspapers. Choosing an online portal will not only make your booking process simpler. It will also ensure you get the best advertising rates in the market. Here are the factors affecting the cost of advertising in a newspaper:

  • Size of the advertisement

  • Positioning of the ad

  • Frequency of advertising

  • Type of advertisement

  • Circulation of newspaper

  • Use of colour

The right name will prove the best in terms of value as well as results.

And when you choose a portal like Bookadsnow, you can expect benefits in abundance.

Benefits of opting for Bookadsnow:

  • 30+ years of expertise in the media industry

  • Tailored assistance by media experts

  • Best advertising prices for India's top publications

  • Strong relations to national-level media houses

  • Recognized by the Indian Newspaper Society

  • Transparent and negotiable media rates

And to top it off, Bookadsnow is an official ad booking partner for several national and regional newspapers. It generates exceptional results for businesses based on the set budget and objectives. Whether placement or date of release, tailormade solutions await for every brand. So use newspaper advertising correctly and reap the benefits that come with it!

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