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5 Questions to Ask Before Releasing Indian Express Newspaper Ads

Jun 08, 2022 | Newspaper
advertisements in the Indian Express


Without a doubt, The Indian Express is one of India’s top newspapers. Correction, it is the country’s most sixth-read English daily today! It is one of the oldest publications still in existence and continues to provide credible, timely and relevant news to the masses. But even so, there are always a few important questions about Indian Express advertisements that need to be answered. 

So for those trying to advertise here, this short write-up will definitely be of use.

What are the Indian Express advertisement rates?

Advertising rates largely depend on a series of factors. These vary from the day you choose to release your ad to the newspaper's circulation. At the same time, there are topical dates like Christmas or Holi that can make your Indian Express advertisements more expensive. Also remember that the frequency, size and positioning of the ad can make a change in rates.  But safe yourself from this tension – a popular newspaper advertising agency like Bookadsnow can assure the best advertising rates keeping each of these factors in mind.

Why should I choose Indian Express newspaper ads?

Established in 1932, the newspaper has risen to become a leading name in terms of journalism as well as advertising. Indian Express Advertisements come with a great set of benefits for both parties. So if you’re not entirely convinced, here are a few things that ought to make you reconsider.

  • Trusted publication with several awards to its name

  • Total readership numbers of 1855000 reaching 1.6 million readers

  • A diverse range of supplements is also available

  • Strong distribution across many key towns and cities

  • Puts your brand messages in a favourable position

When is the right time to release newspaper ads online?

You’ll find that many ads perform well on certain days. For instance, recruitment advertisements in the Indian Express can fetch better results on Wednesdays. At the same time, there are topical dates that can give your brand the limelight. This has more to do with your objectives as well, owing to the industry you serve. Hence, think about the significance of the day as an extension of your brand presence. Of course, don’t forget the necessity of dates too.

Which regions can I target via this newspaper?

Indian Express advertisements come with access to 35 national editions from 14 publication centres across India. Whether Delhi, Mumbai or Chandigarh, this newspaper is popular in several regions. You can also use its variety of supplements to allow a better reach for your ads. Get in touch with our media experts to learn about the complete list of cities/areas that you can successfully target.

How do I book my newspaper ads online?

The process of booking newspaper ads has become simple and stress-free. You can use the services of a newspaper advertising agency like Bookadsnow to have your Indian Express advertisements released instantly! Anytime, anywhere – you can even book ads remotely without a problem.

All you need to do is visit the website, add the newspaper and specific edition and submit your contact details. Our media experts will then get in touch with you shortly to carry out the process. Here are a few benefits of choosing Bookadsnow to release Indian Express ads online.

  • Last-minute ad-booking facility

  • Tailored solutions for individual brands

  • Flexible payment options

  • Strong relations with media houses

  • Expert in-house media planning team

  • Enjoys INS accreditation

  • Transparent advertising rates

For all things related to advertising, Bookadsnow can help you stand out from the crowd.

Get in touch and let’s take your business to the next level together!

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