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Economic Times: Can an Advertisement Guarantee Better ROI?

May 23, 2022 | Newspaper
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Newspapers are the number 1 source for timely yet credible information. They always have been and even as we are shifting towards a digital world, their importance remains unchallenged. Of course, successful advertising depends on the newspaper and less on advertisement rates. Hence, Economic Times is one such newspaper that advertisers have always prioritized with time.

But this newspaper is far from your regular tabloid.

While it does have a focus on daily news, it is more inclined towards the following:

  • Corporate announcements
  • Declaration of quarterly results
  • Fluctuation and changes in crude oil price
  • Information on the Indian currency rate
  • News on the local/ global economy, etc.

An Economic Times advertisement caters to audiences belonging to the world of business. Whether for information on stocks and investments or information on corporate ventures, it is a prime publication for financial matters. The nature of such activity tends to be dynamic – making a trusted name necessary to stay in tune with the times.

This makes it an ideal form of advertising for several businesses.

But if you’re not entirely convinced, we’ve listed a few compelling points for you.

How an Economic Times Advertisement Ensures Better ROI

First choice for relevant news on domestic & international finance

Did you know that this newspaper is the most widely read business in the world (after the Wall Street Journal)? This easily points to its status as a publisher of news and current affairs in the sphere of business. But it’s best to release your ad through a good newspaper advertising agency like ours for better results.

The best medium to reach audiences inclined toward business

For those trying to ahead in the business climate, this newspaper is an integral part of any businessman’s day. Spread across 12 Indian cities, an Economic Times advertisement is sure to reach popular destinations such as Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. Its various editions are sure to help you reach your audiences effectively.

Reputed status due to its publisher, Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd.

Everyone across the country knows how popular The Times of India is. An Economic Times advertisement is equally popular, especially since the newspaper is trusted for its smart business-related insights. This trust stems due to Bennett Coleman, the hand behind a series of popular newspapers such as Navbharat Times and Ei Samay.

Trying to Get the Best Economic Times Advertisement Rates?

Well, there’s no way to get the lowest rates for any newspaper ad. This is because the prices will vary based on a series of variables. Day and date of release, newspaper size and positioning, the circulation of the newspaper, etc. – each consideration constitutes the advertisement rates of the Economic Times. However, Bookadsnow promises the most competitive rates as compared to that of the market.

Understanding your requirements, we help you balance objectives with results. The expertise of our media specialists coupled with our extensive 30+ years of experience helps you successfully book newspaper ads online. Here is a list of benefits you can expect when you choose Bookadsnow.

  • End-to-end ad booking guidance

  • Assured on-time release

  • Hassle-free payment options

  • 24/7 plus last-minute bookings

  • Legacy of 3 decades in media

To ensure your advertising ventures pay off as it should, there’s no better newspaper advertising agency to choose from than Bookadsnow! Keeping your budget and objectives in mind, it provides tailored solutions for every individual and business alike. Its successful track record has made it imperative for India’s favourite brands like Linc and Lux as well.

So are you ready to get started?

Get in touch with our team and let’s begin working on your dreams!

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