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The Simplest Way to Book Lokmat Advertisement in Mumbai

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
lokmat advertisement

Mumbai is a city of different shades. It is one the most developed cities in India which arrests the crowd of all ages. As much as it is vibrant when it comes to fashion and glamour world, the city is equally rich in the financial sector. Not just that, it is brimming with job opportunities along with an impeccable setup of educational facilities. Every top brand makes sure to hit the city in order to engage and attract a chunk of the audience for the growth of the brand name. In a nutshell, a lot of events are always occurring in Mumbai.

Hence, in order to place newspaper advertisements catering to various subjects, an advertiser must tap on a newspaper which has a great circulation exclusively in Mumbai. In this case, releasing Lokmat advertisement is the smartest decision an advertiser can take.

A Few Words about Lokmat Publication

Lokmat came into operation in the year 1971 by Jawaharlal Darda and with steady steps, the publication turned out to be one of the largest read regional newspaper in the nation. With a readership exceeding 18 million readers (as per IRS 2017), the publication arrests #1 Marathi publication in the states of Maharashtra & Goa.

The HQ (headquarters) of the publication is located in Mumbai and its main administrative center is located at Lokmat Building, Lokmat Square, Nagpur. With a total circulation of 1.6 million copies (Source: Audit Bureau of Circulation, Jan - Jun '17) per day, the publication comes with 11 editions in Nagpur, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmednagar, Solapur, Kolhapur, Nashik, Jalgaon, Akola, New Delhi, and Goa. The newspaper alone experiences a total circulation of 125066 copies in Mumbai per day.

Hence, the above information totally justifies the popularity of releasing Lokmat advertisement by the advertisers who are targeting the Marathi audiences in their own language.

But, do you think the Advertisers in Today’s World have Time to go through Tedious Ad Booking Sessions?

A small survey was conducted by the team Bookadsnow where the new age advertisers despise visiting Bookadsnow the leading newspaper advertising agency in Mumbai offices and spend hours there to book Ads. They are mainly seeking for advertising agencies via whom they can book newspaper Ads online and whose service will extend to multiple cities of the nation. Hence, in this regard, Bookadsnow qualifies royally. In fact, we will provide you much more than just taking orders for your Lokmat advertisement, which will further simplify your Ad booking process. Not convinced yet? Then read through our unique features!

Reasons to Tap on Bookadsnow!

  1. 30+ Years of Presence: Bookadsnow has a total experience of 30+ years in the sphere of media. Hence, we have a crystal clear concept about releasing ad in newspaper and using tricks that will allow a brand to earn the best ROI.
  2. A Strong Bond with every Media Houses: Due to our long-term presence and an excellent review from our clients, we maintain a strong and trusted relationship with various media houses on the national and local level.
  3. Optimum Use of Technology: Bookadsnow is an online media planning, buying and releasing portal, where you can book newspaper Ads online with a few simple steps. We have made proper use of technology and have come up with a revolutionized version of booking newspaper Ad. Furthermore, our service extends to all the major cities of the nation even though we are based out of Kolkata. Hence, if you are looking for a newspaper advertising agency in Mumbai, Bookadsnow will help you in releasing Ad there as well.
  4. In-house Media Planning Team: We are a team of smart and expert individuals who exactly know how to guide you in the journey of planning, buying and releasing an Ad. We know the accurate pitch for a particular type of Ad that will fetch you the desired ROI. Our in-house media planners will guide you and also provide readymade Ad templates, especially for obituary Ads. Furthermore, they will also suggest you the best placement for your Ad.
  5. INS Accreditation: Bookadsnow is recognized by Indian Newspaper Society or INS which is a huge credit for us. Owing to this attribution, brands and media houses can trust us for the purpose of fulfilling their needs.
  6. Complete Transparency and Negotiable Media Rates: At Bookadsnow, we maintain complete transparency with our clients to avoid any confusion. Once the clients book newspaper Ads online via us, we provide a hard copy of the newspaper to see the published ad. Plus, we also negotiate the media rates with different publications on behalf of our clients. We learn about the client requirements and accordingly provide an Ad rate for the brands so that they can earn the best ROI. Hence, we do not believe in displaying the card rates for Ads, unlike other newspaper advertising agency in Mumbai.
  7. Flexible Payment Option: With Bookadsnow, you can make payment using various payment channels. You can make payment using your Debit card, Credit card or Net Banking channel. We also support NEFT for online cash transfer, cheques, demand draft or even cash collection from your home/office premises as the offline payment mode.

Hence, if you are searching for that perfect newspaper ad agency in Mumbai but unable to find one, drop us a mail @ or call us at 9830400021.

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