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Why Placing Property Ads in the Newspaper So Crucial Nowadays

Mar 02, 2019 | Newspaper
property ads

Newspaper ads are dead, they say- we cannot answer that certainly, but what we can assure is newspaper advertising provides a list of benefits including:

  • Strong brand recall and promotions
  • Pricing Mechanism w.r.t newspaper ads can be tailor-made
  • Convenient and attractive hard copy brochure that will keep reminding you of the unfinished business.
  • Print Ads supports credibility and integrity of the brand
  • Touch base with different demographics at one go


Now that we understand the importance of newspaper ads, let us comprehend the significance of booking property ads in newspapers.

Property ads in newspapers are released when you are looking to buy/rent/sell/lease a property. Times of India Property Ads, for instance, unlike regular ads, involves a set of guidelines and checklist that needs to be taken care before you publish the same in your desired newspaper. For example:

  • Creativity and designing should be effective enough to draw eyeballs to the target audience
  • The ad copy should be crisp and on-point as every character has a value
  • The Ideal content for the ads should be detailed and include various factual information about the property
  • Key details and layout of the property
  • Contact details of the issuer
  • Property details like booking period, covered are, ownership kind amenities offered, and many more should be specified


These are strong points related to booking property ads and should be highlighted smartly and handled with care

Bookadsnow takes care of these nitty-gritty and more while placing your real estate ads in newspapers. Bookadsnow, a leading newspaper advertising agency has been in media operations for over 3 decades and enjoys long-standing relations with industry experts. The media experts not only assist you in planning your property ad campaign but also provide a complete analysis report of the same. Formulating the best strategy according to your requirements, they provide the best industry ad rates as compared to other agencies.


The types of booking Property ads in newspapers are:

Classified Text Ad: The most common practice for advertisers publishing property ads in newspapers like Dainik Bhaskar is going for simple run-on-line ads or text ads in the classified section. With character limitation, these newspaper ads help you prepare a precise ad copy for the target audience. To make this sizeable newspaper ad noticeable among the relevant audience proper sub-category needs to be selected like- To Rent, For Sale, Accommodation available, Accommodation wanted and so on.

Display Ads: Newspaper ads appearing alongside editorial content, display ads are rather unmissable. The liberty to add attractive logos and striking images to your ad, they are generally used by advertisers to promote the beautiful infrastructure and the amenities the property provides. As they are more elaborate and enjoy premium placement, they are slightly higher on the price scale.

Classified Display Ads: Similar to regular display ads, as they include the scope of inserting images, customized header-footer: they are slightly economical as compared to the former. Property ads in Anandabazar Patrika in this category, for example, appear in smaller width sizes in classified columns and are not limited to text or characters. They are available in two sizes: Single Column and Double column.

Bookadsnow is one of the leading newspaper ads agencies to have been credited by the Indian Newspaper Society (INS). Following no fix rate policy, Bookadsnow has made the entire experience of booking property ads in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and other cities, economical and personalized. Check out their page and share your details to let the media experts guide you through the simple process of booking property ads.

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