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New to Newspaper Advertising? Get Started With Bookadsnow

Dec 28, 2021 | Newspaper
newspaper advertisements

Most live under the impression that newspaper advertising is just a printed ad published in a newspaper. This is a very narrow definition to stand by. One way to look at it is to trace it back to its origins. Did you know that the term ‘advertising’ comes from the Latin word ‘advertere’? The word translates into ‘to turn the attention’ (of the user). In light of this definition, a newspaper advertisement seeks to bring about a change in perception towards something and indicates the act of persuasion to buy a product/ service.

However, there’s also another way to look at it. Newspaper advertising is preferred for its vast reach. It has a local, regional and global network and can get your message out to the right demographics. It could be an ad for a new job, it can be an obituary – releasing newspaper ads online can do so much more than just induce sales. So in a certain sense, newspaper advertising relates to anything published in print media to grab the attention of a specified target audience.

Certainly one of the oldest and still largest advertising mediums, a newspaper advertisement still continues to play an integral role in the media buying planning process. In fact, they were in vogue much before your competitors were even thought of! And if you’re looking to jump on the newspaper advertising bandwagon, here’s a short guide to get you started.

A Brief Introduction to the Facets of Newspaper Advertising

The beauty of print advertising is that it has become embedded as a lifestyle habit for many. Where people wake up and grab a newspaper with their breakfast, the medium effortlessly relays information across. This sets the stage for the impact of a newspaper advertisement. But while there might not be an instantaneous decision to buy, the brand successfully hits their subconscious mind. They may be tempted to buy it the next time because of the already-existing factor of credibility.

But beyond its credibility and importance to society, here’s what makes it unique:

  • Well-suited for retailers due to its local orientation which further enables merchants to reach a wide cross-section of people
  • Presence of exclusive advertising supplements for special interests
  • Non-intrusive form of advertising in contrast to radio and TV
  • Ability to target ads to appropriate markets by choosing newspapers and their specific editions

While brands may spend big on digital, advantages such as these make print advertising necessary for brand awareness as well as brand recall. But remember that newspaper advertisements are only effective when people see them. As people browse through newspapers and publications, they must be captivating enough to make the reader stop and stare. Therefore, five primary factors come into play:

  • Positioning: Exact position on page
  • Size: Dimensions of the ad
  • Placement: Exact page in newspaper
  • Appearance: Copy and visuals of the ad
  • Frequency: Repetition of the ad

A smart mix of these can give your ads the attention they deserve. However, many tend to overlook the cost of advertising when it comes to releasing newspaper ads online. This becomes the deal-breaker since advertising rates become the first question that every advertiser will have in mind. But there’s no one size fits all solution. Advertising costs will depend on factors such as:

  • Choice of publication
  • Choice of section in the newspaper
  • Exact space occupied
  • Use or lack of colour
  • Frequency of ads
  • Day and date of release
  • Circulation of newspaper

Keeping all of the above sections in mind, newspaper advertising can prove to be challenging.

That’s where many seek the assistance of a reputed newspaper advertising agency to navigate their way to success. Understanding every nuance linked to print media, Bookadsnow becomes the no. 1 choice. It has worked with popular brands like Linc and JK Tyres while helping countless to leverage the power of a newspaper advertisement.

Its preference is backed by the 30+ years of experience in the media industry it enjoys.

Bookadsnow answer essential questions such as ‘Which newspaper?’ and ‘When to release?’. Additionally, it ensures that you make optimum use of your budget through tailored solutions. Its valuable insights into local and regional markets greatly help the media planning process. And to top it off, Bookadsnow is an official ad booking partner of several major national and regional newspapers!

Assuring the best rates for newspaper ads online, expect only the best with Bookadsnow.
Get in touch and connect with our experts today!

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