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How Do I Publish A Newspaper Advertisement In Another City?

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
newspaper advertisement

There are certain challenges when you want to publish newspaper ads in the city you are living in, let alone another city, a city that you know practically very little about.  Firstly, know who your target audience is, who do you want to reach out to, who might be interested in your brand, product or service, and what the specific demographics of your consumer are (e.g. age, employment, sex, location, attitude, etc). If you have a consumer profile in place, you will have an idea of your target market.

Let us see an example of this. Suppose your product is aimed at consumers who are retired servicemen over the age of 55 and fall in a medium income bracket. Research and learn about where you can find such a demographic. Say you stay in Delhi and your target audience resides in all the major Tier I and Tier II cities in India. What do you do? You have to advertise your products or services in all the cities your target audience is located in.

To publish newspaper ads in a city that is not familiar to you, you need to know about –

  • What the popular newspapers in  that city are

  • What the circulation/readership for each newspaper is

  • What the reach of each newspaper is and how much ROI you can get

  • Which publication to contact and how to contact it

Even if you manage to book newspaper ads in a different city than the one you stay in, you may very easily be misguided as you do not know the correct rates or how to shop for them. To add to it- it's a hassle to find out if your ad has been published or not and if it has, then whether it has been published on the date, page or position you have paid for. This is where media planning agencies come in.

Book Newspaper Advertisement with Top Ad Agency in India

Selecting a reputable advertising agency for your advertising requirements anywhere in the country helps you in many ways. Such an agency operating pan India will know every regional and local market across the country. It will be able to book ad space for you in the newspapers that will work best for your respective ad campaigns. They will bring you customized media planning solutions, thereby providing your ad with the highest reach in alignment with your budget.

Bookadsnow is an online media planning portal with tailor-made media planning and booking services. Television advertising, newspaper advertising, and magazine advertisements are our forte and we aim to provide quality media planning, buying, and evaluation solutions across all advertising mediums. Book your ads online and hassle-free now with Bookadsnow.

Benefits of Booking Newspaper Advertisement At Bookadsnow

  • Our dedicated media expert assists you from start to finish in your entire ad booking experience.  

  • We not only help you choose your media wisely but also help you in the analysis of how your ad performs.

  • Once your ad is published, our media expert intimates you of the same.

  • We know you would like to have a copy of the newspaper so that it can be kept for records or for fulfilling a legal requirement. We provide you with an e-paper link and courier you the hard copy of the newspaper, no matter which city you are in.

  • Last but not the least, payment is really easy for any ad you book with Bookadsnow. You have the flexibility to pay through various means. You can make the payment via Cheque, DD or RTGS/NEFT. And it does not matter if you are in a city near or far.

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