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How to Book Advertisement in Ei Samay Newspaper Instantly?

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
Ei Samay advertisement

Ei Samay is like the 'new kid on the block' in the world of newspapers, while most of the other publications came into existence when India was fighting for its freedom. However, that does not give us the scope to come up with the conclusion that this Bengali daily lacks the necessary quality of exquisite journalism.

In fact, with the launch of Ei Samay newspaper, Bennett, Coleman and Co Ltd (BCCL) has found its way to enter the minds of the Bengali readers residing in Bengal and New Delhi. Ei Samay Sangbadpatra comes from the house of The Times Group which came into operation on October 15, 2012. The first set of copies were launched during the Durga Puja season with the aim to get down in the marketing and circulation battle with the Anandabazar Patrika.

As per the statistical data, the Times Group printed 185,000 copies of the publication on the first day out of which around 150,000 copies were sold. Today, Ei Samay experiences a circulation of 277,384 copies per day which is a significant number given the fact that it is comparatively a new publication.

However, does that mean Ei Samay is fit for releasing a newspaper advertisement?

Being a prominent Bengali daily with an extensive circulation in Bengal, Ei Samay has become one of the important newspapers among the advertisers for releasing newspaper Ads for all your specific requirements.

One can precisely publish all sorts of Ads in this publication in three different formats namely the Classified Text Ad, Display Ad and Classified Display Ad. Moreover, the newspaper Ad rates of Ei Samay is cost effective when compared to its fellow competitors which give the advertisers yet another reason for releasing Ei Samay advertisement.

Furthermore, the publication is accompanied by various supplements catering to specific topics where brands and individuals can think of publishing Ads in Ei Samay as well. Of course, advertisers must choose the right supplement that will tune in well with their Ad type.

The supplements of Ei Samay Sangbadpatra are:

  • Onnya Samay - a regular supplement
  • Robibaroyari - a Sunday special supplement

However, will you agree with us if we say that a newspaper advertising agency is a catalyst that will increase the chances of a successful newspaper advertisement?

If your answer is no, then read through the next section of the blog that will change your answer. Of course, people who agree with us can also read through the section.

Why should you tap on a Newspaper Advertising Agency?

Well, the answer is pretty simple! A newspaper ad agency helps in carving out the path thereby leading us to a successful newspaper advertisement. With the help of their experienced and skilled workers, agencies will suggest us tips and tricks that will help us to shape up our newspaper Ad in a way that will engage the readers. Plus, expect to receive discounts while booking newspaper Ads.

However, the trick lies in choosing the best newspaper advertising agency in the industry!

If we consider the previously mentioned perks along with other bonus benefits (which we will mention later), Bookadsnow is the best newspaper advertising agency.

Are you wondering what is Bookadsnow?

Allow us to correct ourselves! Bookadsnow is much more than a simple newspaper advertising agency. We are an online media planning portal who have simplified the tedious newspaper Ad booking process which can be wrapped up in a matter of a few minutes.

Our 30+ years of experience and skill in the media industry has enabled us to create a plethora of success stories for our clients, thereby allowing us to maintain a healthy relationship with them. Moreover, the INS accreditation adds to the credibility of our brand name and enables the advertisers to trust us even in an emergency situation. Furthermore, we do not have any predefined card rate for newspaper Ads as we have the potential to negotiate the rates with the publications on behalf of our clients.

However, the perks of associating with us do not end here. Get acquainted with our in-house media planning team who are a set of skilled individuals guiding you all through your Ad booking process. They will also provide you with readymade templates for your newspaper Ad that will further provide you with a better viewership of your advertisement. With that being said, let us complete the blog with the guide to booking Ei Samay advertisement.

How to Book Ei Samay Advertisement?

Step 1: Select any type of Ad you want to release from the given options on our homepage.

Step 2: Select 'Ei Samay' as your preferred newspaper.

Step 3: Choose the right Ad format that will align best with your Ei Samay advertisement (Classified Text Ad, Display Ad, and Classified Display Ad)

Step4: You'll come across three distinct forms designed for each type of Ad format.

  • Next, customize the size of your advertisement for the Ei Samay publication.
  • Upload the creative or the content of your Ad and also mention the date of release.
  • Lastly, mention your personal details along with a comment (if needed) to define your requirements followed by submitting the query.

Once you are done with the whole process of booking Ei Samay advertisement, our in-house media team will contact you and guide you with other details of your advertisement along with setting up a relevant budget.

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