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Discover the Untapped Advantages of Booking TV Ads with Bookadsnow

May 19, 2020 | Newspaper
Booking TV Ads

It takes great minds, hard work, dedication, and some luck for a business to build its firm position in an industry. It needs to build its foundation of trust with its consumers who can come to them without any hesitation with the belief meeting their expectations. Hence, it is not child's play for a business to establish its name in an industrial sector.

Following these principles, Bookadsnow took its first step in the media industry 30 years back. Owing to unmatched hard work and commitment towards its customers, today it is one of the most trusted ad agencies in the nation. An INS accredited advertising agency with AAAI membership, we at Bookadsnow, make sure to deal with each of our clients individually, understand their requirements and provide them solutions accordingly. Even during this lockdown period, when most of the agencies were not operating, we made sure to help brands/businesses to grow by enabling them to reach their consumers on time.


How Are We Different from Other Agencies?

At Bookadsnow, we are breaking the stereotype catering to traditional advertisements. While most of the individuals believe that traditional advertisements are dying owing to complications involved in releasing one, we are thinking otherwise. Since we are an online portal for releasing ads, we have made it extremely simple to release an ad in a newspaper or television. All you need is access to the internet and you can release an advertisement from anywhere around the world.

Additionally, we have the potential to provide you with the best ad rates in the market. We do not display the card rate, unlike other ad agencies. Since media is not a commodity to us, we negotiate the ad rate with the concerned media house and finally agree upon the best rate in the market without failing to meet your requirements.

Also, we maintain transparency with our clients which are absolutely missing in this industry. We make sure to provide our clients with all the information catering to their advertisement- starting from ad rates to providing them with the proof of our work.


Why Choose Bookadsnow for Booking Television Advertisements?

Best Ad Rates in the Market

As we have mentioned previously, we will provide you with the best TV advertisement rate in the market after bargaining the same with the media house in question on your behalf. This is because we do not reveal the card rates as we do not see media as a commodity.

We have AAAI Membership

We are glad to mention that we have received the prestigious AAAI membership. This adds to our brand trustworthiness and bestows us with other benefits which in turn will enable us to help our clients.

Booking Prime Time Ad Slots

We will help you with booking an ad slot during the prime time shows, which is otherwise difficult with any top channel. Since we are associated with all the top channels including other channels as well, we have the potential to lock a spot in the prime time ad slot for you.

Live TV Ad Monitoring Provision

We have the facility to provide you with live TV ad monitoring where our in-house media experts will keep a track of your ad being played while providing you with real-time numbers of the same. We will also make sure that there is no duplication of the same ad in the same ad slot.

End to End Media Solution

From helping you in choosing the best channel based on your target audience to provide you with the best rates- our in-house media experts will provide you with end to end media solutions.

Overall Evaluation & Proof of Execution

After releasing your ad, we will provide you with a report displaying the results generated from your ad campaign. Additionally, we will also provide you with the detailed proof of execution of the ad from our end.

To know more about Bookadsnow, send us a mail at or call us at 9830400021.

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