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5 Reasons Why The Indian Express Advertisements Carry Real Value

Dec 03, 2021 | Newspaper
The Indian Express Advertisements

Whether FMCG, automobiles or real estate, marketers from several brand categories trust print media for establishing trust and credibility. Local editions of newspapers are also used for events and activations. Additionally, analysts suggest that a newspaper advertisement takes the top spot in terms of product sampling as well as crisis management.

Besides that, here are a few cases where print advertising is preferred by a brand:

  • Product sampling
  • Promotions
  • Penetrating regional markets
  • Building brand reputation

 “Print is a good medium for a brand to make announcements around events and launches. It also serves as a good platform to show creatives, especially for the fashion industry. In a half-or full-page print ad, one can tell a brand story well.”

-          Siddharth Bindra, Managing Director, Biba Apparels Pvt. Ltd.

For sale promotions, this company places its trust in a newspaper advertisement. Dabur India too has used print advertising for some of its key brands which is more prevalent in local and regional dailies. Though spending heavy on TV advertising, print has brought “visibility with the right audience and helped create impact with (our) campaigns, especially in regional markets” (Rajiv Dubey, Head of Media, Dabur India Ltd.).

So if you are looking to ride the print advertising tide, trust Indian Express advertisements.

Here are a few strong reasons why this daily is a great choice for businesses.

The Indian Express Newspaper Ads Bring Benefits in Plenty!

Not many know that this English daily was first launched by an Ayurvedic doctor back in 1932. As far as numbers go, the newspaper had a mere circulation of 44,469 in 1952. And now, The Indian Express advertisements have garnered roughly 1.6 million readers! So what changed? Surprisingly, nothing. Sticking to its true purpose – ‘Because the truth concerns all’ – its growth has not only been apparent but has been met with awards for its objective and faithful representation of facts.

When you release a newspaper advertisement here, you don’t just leverage the medium. You leverage the popularity, reputation and name that it has built for itself over the last few decades. Its comprehensive analysis, fearless reporting and bias-free covering make it a great choice among the masses. Its popularity further extends to regions such as Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. With 35 national editions and 14 publication centres, it is nothing less than a priority for advertisers today.

Indulging readers through news on all fronts (current affairs, technology, entertainment and all with it), it easily makes for a great advertising medium. Its varied list of supplements such as Eye offers additional means to target audiences. Being the primary source of information for countless, an Indian Express newspaper advertisement is a great way to grab attention and stay ahead of the competition. Its total readership of 1855000 (2019, IRS) makes it even more worthwhile.
And to sum up, here’s what The Indian Express ads have to offer:

  • Enhanced reach
  • Good readership
  • Strong circulation
  • Better visibility
  • Added credibility

And with Bookadsnow, even better benefits await!

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It's time to leverage the true potential of print media for your brand!

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