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Display Classifieds Booking in Sakshi at Lowest Ad Rates

Sakshi Display Advertisement is extremely popular amongst distinct business groups who effectively want to elevate their brand to a new level. Display Ads are the high budget ads that is booked so as to attract the viewers. An initiative of Lookad India Private Limited, Bookadsnow quarries on the vision to make Display Ad Booking in Sakshi relatively convenient and easier. With an experience of more than thirty years, Bookadsnow strives to be a leading Advertising Agency in India.

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  • Why Book Sakshi Display Ads?
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Sakshi is a deluge daily that is based in Andhra Pradesh. It started in 2008 and it was designed by Mario Garcia, the world-renowned newspaper designer. Sakshi is the brainchild of Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy, and it is currently run by R. Murthy. Due to its history and ownership, Sakshi has a dedicated readership. This is your chance to advertise in this esteemed daily, utilizing the amicable Sakshi newspaper advertising rates via Bookadsnow.

Advantages of Booking Sakshi Display Ads

  • It targets all deluge families and individuals in the Andhra region.
  • It started with over 23 editions and currently it has multiple regional publications.
  • It published from 19 major cities initially.
  • It has a readership of 1,150,279 per day, as of July 2015.
  • Sakshi has the second highest circulation in Andhra Pradesh after Eenadu.

Perks of Booking Sakshi Display Ads with Bookadsnow

  • Sakshi Advertisement are of high budget medium, but at Bookadsnow, we genuinely provide you with the best ad rates for the same with good position for maximum visibility.
  • We assist you with the right placements and correct positioning for the Sakshi Display Ads. With our assistance, you can book across India in multiple columns like the half page, full page, jackets, quarter page, bookmarks and various other customised sizes.
  • If you face any issue while selecting the newspaper supplement to place the Sakshi Display Ads, simply drop us a query on our website and our media professionals will immediately get in touch with you.

What is the best way to book an advertisement in Sakshi Classifieds?

With Bookadsnow, you can now enjoy up to 50% discounts on all Sakshi advertising rates. Aside from the lucrative rates, you can also enjoy booking premium advertisements successfully from the comforts of your home or office by using a laptop or a mobile phone to log into the Bookadsnow website.

Recently Asked Questions (FAQ):
How do I differentiate between Classified Display Ads and Display Ads?

Display Classified Ads are modern and new-age and have been in vogue in recent times. They are more elaborate and detailed than text ads and their content is not limited to text only. They include graphics and images and easily grab attention, thereby being more effective. Rates for Classified Display Ads are calculated per square centimeter. They have both black and white and color options.

Display Ads are elaborate and carefully designed. Brands use Display ads for the promotion of their products or services. Such ads are innovative and are designed in high-resolution colored and black and white formats providing higher visibility. They can be of various sizes, ranging from the quarter page and half page to full page. They are charged per square centimeter.

To know more about Classified Display Ads and Display Ads, please get in touch with our media expert on +919830400021.