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Job Advertisement Booking in Dinamalar at Lowest Ad Rates

The Job Advertisement Booking or Recruitment Ads in Dinamalar Newspaper is booked to exhibit different career opportunities to the prospective job seekers. The companies or agencies preferably choose Job Advertisement Booking to reach out to the felicitous audience because Recruitment Ads in Dinamalar guarantees high reach and readability.

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  • Why book Recruitment Ads in Dinamalar Newspaper?
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Job Advertisement Booking in Dinamalar Newspaper offers the following advantages:

•    Dinamalar Newspaper is the highest circulated National Tamil Daily in South India, the newspaper exhibits high circulation and readability. Characterised to be one of the most read newspapers in Tamil, the newspaper is published in ten cities in Tamil Nadu.

•    Recruitment Ads in Dinamalar exhibit cost-effective options. Depending on the needs and budget.

Dinamalar Advertisement Rates are highly justifiable endowing you with cost-effective options like Dinamalar Classifieds and Classified Display ad formats.

What are the types of Recruitment Ads in Dinamalar Newspaper?

•    Situation Vacant: Situation Vacant Advertisement in Dinamalar newspaper refers to the vacancies that are available for distinct positions in various organizations or companies across India.

•    Situation Abroad: Situation Abroad in Dinamalar newspaper refers to the vacancies that are available for recruiting professionals in various International organizations in Abroad. Also, for booking Recruitment Ads in Dinamalar, you are required to produce supporting documents which include Company Letterhead and Embassy Clearance.

•    Home Jobs: Home Job Advertisement in Dinamalar newspaper is booked for those who are looking to work from home as freelancers in various organizations or start-ups across India.

What are the formats for Job Advertisement Booking in Dinamalar Newspaper?

In terms of format, Job Advertisement Booking in Dinamalar Newspaper are of three major types:

•    Dinamalar Classifieds: Dinamalar Classifieds are text-based advertisements. They are simple, run online ads and are charged on the basis of the number of lines utilized for designing a Text Classified Advert in Dinamalar newspaper.

•    Classified Display Ads: Classified Display Ads are the modern aged advertisement format. This Job Advertisement Booking type is elaborate and more detailed in comparison to the Text Classifieds. The Dinamalar Advertisement Rates for the Classified Display Advertisements are calculated on the basis of per square centimeter.

•    Full-Scale Display: Full-Scale Display includes image and text with the main focus on the center image. In comparison to the other two formats listed above, the size of the advertisement is bigger and costlier. Dinamalar Advertisement Rates for booking Full-Scale Display Ads is available at justifiable cost at Bookadsnow.


Book Job Advertisement in Dinamalar Newspaper with Bookadsnow

Bookadsnow, an initiative of Lookad India Private Limited is an online platform that has made the Job Advertisement Booking in Dinamalar newspaper convenient and simpler. Recruitment Ads in Dinamalar newspaper with Bookadsnow offers the following benefits:

•    Competitive market rates – We provide you with the lowest quotes available in the market.

•    Complete transparency with media buying at every step– We endeavor to do away with the lack of transparency prevailing in the industry and that is why we do not display card rates online. Moreover, Dinamalar Advertisement Rates are negotiable up to 80% and we aim to negotiate the best on your behalf.

•    Media consultation – Our dedicated media experts are there to guide you through your media planning and ad campaign.

•    Evaluation reports & proof of execution – We provide day-to-day reports along with detailed proof so that you have a clear picture of the impact of your ad campaign.

•    Flexibility regarding last-minute ad bookings – We understand your requirement and provide you with the provision of placing last-minute ad bookings.

•    Best platform and positioning for your ads – We bring you the best and the prime ad positions, which results in the highest reach for your Recruitment Ads in Dinamalar.

Documents required to proceed with the Domestic Recruitment Ads in Dinamalar

• A well-formulated advertisement matter under the letterhead of the company mentioning all the details of the company.

• Size of the Advertisement.

• Preferred Date of Release.

Documents required to proceed with the Overseas Recruitment Ads in Dinamalar

•    The recruiter must own the overseas recruitment license from the Indian Government, and the same must be exhibited in all the Appointment Ads, whenever published. No employer without abiding by the Emigration Act mentioned in Section 16 can recruit any Indian citizen for a job in abroad.

• The company’s registration number, embassy clearance, and postal address.

• The Appointment Ad matter must be printed on the original letterhead of the organization mentioning the feasible details (name, address and phone number) of the company.


Recently Asked Questions (FAQ):
How do I book an appointment ad in a newspaper?

You can book your Appointment Ad by displaying it in three different ways through Bookadsnow.

  • Classified (Appointment) Text Ad: This is the easiest form of displaying your appointment Ad. This form of publishing your Job Advertisement in Newspaper will display only texts without any image which will appear in the Classified section.
  • Display (Appointment) Ad: If you want to represent your appointment Ad in an elaborate manner without much text, then Display Ad is perfect in this case. Such ads are designed using high resolution coloured or black and white templates with the presence of minimal text.
  • Display Classified (Appointment or Recruitment) Advertisement: The content of such Ad includes texts as well as images and is considered to be the trendiest form of displaying your appointment Ad. The rate for such Ad is fixed per square centimetre.

The Process of booking Job Advertisement in Newspaper

Step 1: Click on the Appointment Ad from the given list of ad types.

Step 2: Pick a newspaper of your choice among the available ones.

Step 3: Next, choose any specific form of Ad among the Classified Text Ad, Classified Display Ad and Display Ad.

 Step 4: You'll come across three different online forms for each type of Ad display.

  • Start by mentioning the location for publishing your appointment Ad (one or more city).
  • Next, customize the size of your Ad campaign.
  • Next, upload the creative or the content of your appointment Ad and also mention the date of release.
  • Lastly, mention your personal details along with a comment (if needed) to specify your requirements followed by submitting your query.

Once you are done with the whole process of booking your recruitment ads in newspaper, our in-house media team will contact you and guide you with other details of your Ad campaign along with setting up a budget for you.

How do I differentiate between Classified Text Ads and Display Ads?

Classified Text Ads: These form of Ads are the most common type found in every newspaper. Such Ads only consists of text or run-on-lines with no images, whatsoever. They are published in the Classified section and the amount is charged based on the number of lines or words or characters used in the content.

Display Ads: If you want to go elaborate on your Ad campaign, Display Ads in newspaper is your answer. Such Ads are mainly popular among brands, as for an individual it is not a cost-effective option. Such Ads are best when a brand seeks to promote its name, product or services. Such Ads are designed using coloured or black and white images with minimal text. They are extremely attractive and provides higher visibility. Display Ads are slightly expensive whose price is charged per square centimetre.

To know more about Classified Text Ads and Display Ads, please get in touch with our media expert on +919830400021 or send us an email on