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Book Job Advertisement in Amar Ujala at Lowest Rates

The Job Advertisement Booking or Appointment Ad in the Amar Ujala is published to exhibit various career opportunities to the prospective job seekers. The Agencies or companies preferably choose The Recruitment Ads or Appointment Ad in the Amar Ujala to exhibit various career opportunities to the prospective job seekers. The Agencies or companies preferably choose Amar Ujala Recruitment Ads to reach out to the apt audience because Amar Ujala guarantees high readability and reach.

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  • Why book Recruitment Advertisement in Amar Ujala ?
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Amar Ujala is a Hindi daily that has been around since 1948. An Amar Ujala advertisement has the power to reach millions of readers in India. Bookadsnow can get you the best Amar Ujala advertisement rates each time you book an ad in this esteemed newspaper.

Why you should consider booking an ad in Amar Ujala:

  • It has a circulation of over 20,00,000 copies daily.
  • According to the Indian Readership Survey, Amar Ujala readership is above 5.51 million.
  • Amar Ujala and Dainik Jagran make up 70% of the Hindi readership in Uttar Pradesh.
  • It has 5 editions that sell around 4,50,000 copies.
  • Amar Ujala has 19 editions in total in 7 states and 1 union territory. It covers 167 districts in the country.
  • The regular issue is 16-18 pages and has regular supplements focusing on lifestyle, women, and entertainment.

What are the types of Amar Ujala Recruitment Ads?

We at Bookadsnow, provide the best advertising solution for your organizations. Recruitment Ads in newspaper Amar Ujala newspaper are of three kinds:

• Text Classifieds: Text Classifieds are low priced, textual ads showcasing lesser details and no image or logo. Moreover, the Amar Ujala Classified Rates are less in comparison to the other two adverts given below.

• Classified Display Ads: Classified Display Ads appear in specific columns which may or may not contain an image or logo. Amar Ujala Classified Ads act as an ideal medium to reach out to the prospective employees.

• Display Ads: Display Ads are suitable for high level or multiple job vacancies. They are generally published once or twice on a particular day of every week. Considered to be one of the most expensive ads, Display Ads are catchy in nature.


Amar Ujala Appointment Advertisement Booking Online

Bookadsnow, an initiative of Lookad India Private Limited is an online platform that has made the booking of Amar Ujala Recruitment Ads convenient and simpler. Job Advertisement Booking in Amar Ujala newspaper with Bookadsnow offers the following benefits:

  • Competitive market rates– We provide you with the lowest quotes available in the market.
  • Complete transparency with media buying at every step– We endeavor to do away with the lack of transparency prevailing in the industry and that is why we do not display card rates online. Moreover, Amar Ujala Advertising Rates are negotiable up to 80% and we aim to negotiate the best on your behalf.
  • Media consultation – Our dedicated media experts are there to guide you through your media planning an ad campaign.
  • Evaluation reports & proof of execution – We provide day-to-day reports along with detailed proof so that you have a clear picture of the impact of your ad campaign.
  • Flexibility regarding last-minute ad bookings – We understand your requirement and provide you with the provision of placing last-minute online ad booking.
  • Best platform and positioning for your ads – We bring you the best and the prime ad positions, which results in the highest reach for your Amar Ujala Recruitment Ads.

Amar Ujala targets small cities, towns, and urbanizing villages. It is an important activation agent. Therefore an Amar Ujala advertisement has the power to influence the thousands in the immediate area of release.

Recently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Does Bookadsnow accept cash payment?

Payment is really easy for any ad you book with us. Although Bookadsnow does not accept cash payment, you have the flexibility to pay through various other means. You can make the payment via Cheque, DD or RTGS/NEFT.