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Benefits of Newspaper advertisement compared to other advertising platforms

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
paper advertisement

Over the span of the last few years there has been a rising opinion that newspapers are on their way out, but on the contrary the statistics prove quite the opposite! There are still countless benefits of using paper advertisement as compared to other platforms. These benefits encompass how deeply embedded newspapers are in our daily lives and how they can still be used to reach millions of people via their many offline and online advertising options.

The various benefits choosing print media for a newspaper advertisement as compared to other advertising platforms are mentioned below:

Reach: To Book Newspaper Advertisement

The reach of newspapers in India cannot be beaten by any other source of media. It is as diverse as it is vast. A newspaper is the most ideal medium for both receiving and providing information as its audience is not only limited to urban areas. In India there is at least 1 newspaper for every 3 Indians making it an ideal medium for paper advertisement.

  • India is proud to have the Times of India, an English newspaper with the largest reach in the world, namely 49 lakhs alone.
  • Regional language newspapers like the very well-known Hindi daily, The Dainik Jagran has an even higher reach than the Times of India, namely 1 crore 64 lakh readers.
  • Newspapers are read by people from multiple age groups starting with Teenagers to Senior Citizens and include people from many diverse professions which include house-makers, students, engineers, doctors, and teachers and so on.
  • Newspapers have access to several remote areas of India where Internet or even the television has not been able to make a debut yet.

These are the main reasons why the reach of newspapers is still considered the most effective way of reaching a vast number of people via effective newspaper classified ads.

The Diversity of languages: To Book Newspaper Advertisement

India has always been a very diverse country. It has about 18 regional languages spoken within it in different dialects making each language unique to its region. To cater wholeheartedly to these languages there are about 80 official newspapers for various regions published daily.

  • Indian Newspapers are published in several popular languages including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Assamese, Odiya, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, and Malayalam and so on. This vast amount of languages in which newspapers are published allows reach to be even more enhanced because people have the opportunity of reading the news in their mother tongue.
  • The most widely read newspaper in India is a well-known Hindi Daily by the name of Dainik Bhaskar, while English Newspapers taken up the third position which basically establishes how important it is to publish newspapers in regional languages.
  • Audience targeting from one specific region becomes much easier when using regional newspaper for newspaper classified ads.

There is a huge demand for regional language newspapers. Almost every literate rural and semi-rural household receives at least two kinds of newspapers, both covering a preferred regional language and English making newspaper classified ads ideal.

Favourable Pricing: To Book Newspaper Advertisement

The cost and availability of newspapers is one of the biggest factors that influence readability in India. Since the subscription fee of a newspaper is not the main source of its income in the country, it keeps the rates affordable.

  • The low price of a newspaper helps to retain its readers from various backgrounds and since these rates are not affected by inflation it keeps its readers interested at all times making newspapers the most favourable platform to advertise with a newspaper advertisement.
  • This makes it the cheapest medium for deriving information over other forms of media including television and even the Internet.

This factor is a very important advantage for people looking to publish a newspaper advertisement as they can reach out to several sectors of society efficiently.

Advertiser Accessible: To Book Newspaper Advertisement

It is common knowledge that any newspaper advertising agency needs to compliment an advertiser’s budget effectively. In this factor newspaper classified ads are way ahead of other forms of media. As it works on various advertising budgets. Newspapers do not disappoint any advertiser on a budget. It caters to both business and personal advertisers alike by always keeping their requirements as a newspaper’s number one priority.

Choosing Bookadsnow for your newspaper ad booking needs:

Bookadsnow is an online ad booking agency partnered with some of the most well-known newspapers in India including Dainik Bhaskar, Times of India, and The Hindustan Times and so on. With over 3 decades of experience backed by an INS (Indian Newspaper Society) accreditation we are a one stop shop for all your newspaper classified ads booking needs. With our newly introduced online payments portal you can now book your ads with some of the top newspapers in the country in a matter of minutes. Take a look at some of our ad options today!


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