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Midday Classifieds Booking Online at Lowest Advertising Rates

Language: Gujarati, English

Frequency: Daily

Circulation: 200,000 Daily

E-paper: link

We do not display any rates as media rates are negotiable. please get in touch our media expert for best rates.

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Bookadsnow brings the best Midday classifieds rates to town for all advertisers

Mid-Day is an English language, morning daily from India. It is a compact newspaper and has a number of editions in different languages depending on location and readership. It caters to a highly cultivated readership. The Midday classifieds rates are unbelievably economical and they provide a means for all advertisers to reach out to their target groups through the pages of Mid-Day.

  1. Mid-day is a mainstream newspaper with popular sections including local news, national and international news, lifestyle, sports and entertainment.
  2. It has other supplementary sections on special days including travel, automobile, health, books, food and interviews of prominent personalities.
  3. The supplements and local editions provide strong platforms for advertisement, irrespective of their amicable Midday classifieds rates.
  4. Mid-day has a circulation of over 2 lakhs daily in Mumbai and a readership of over 5 lakhs in the same city, as of data from 2014.

Mid-day is a great platform for all kinds of ads thanks to the pocket friendly Midday classifieds rates. Believe it or not! Bookadsnow can get you the best of the best offers and combo packages for all advertisement booking services. Remember, the best rates are just one click away now!

How is Bookadsnow pioneering online advertisement booking for leading newspapers?

Bookadsnow is accredited by INS to book advertisements for leading newspapers. This gives us the chance to deliver the best Midday classifieds rates to all our patrons and new advertisers. Now, book your advertisement online, in less than 10 minutes at unbelievably low booking rates. You will also get instant confirmation for your Midday classifieds booking after your payment comes through.

How to book your own Midday classified advertisement online?

To start any Midday newspaper advertisement booking, first choose your newspaper category –

  1. Classified text ad: these are run-on text ads that are the cheapest and the simplest. With Bookadsnow on your team, you can include colours, borders, bullets and more in your Midday classified text advertisement.
  2. Classified display ad: they can include logos, images and a flurry of other formatting options. You can send your ad in PDF, EPS or JPEG formats across to your media planning teams. The charges will depend on the area of the classified display ad.
  3. Display ad: booking a Midday display advertisement may not be easy if you do not have some help from Bookadsnow. We can get you the premium placements for some of the lowest prices. Just send us your advertisement in a supported format; we will take care of the rest.

You will not find any Midday classifieds rates and charts on our website, but we will always negotiate directly with the newspapers and find you the best rates.

How to get an instant Midday classifieds booking confirmation online?

Getting a conformation for your ads is just as easy. Just follow through the 3 steps –

  1. You need to select the type of advertisement after you pick the category.
  2. Then either compose your ad or upload a copy in any supported format.
  3. Choose a date for release of your ad.

Then move to payments for viewing your Midday classifieds rates and completing your payments via online or offline methods. Our online methods including credit and debit card payments and NEFT balance transfer are completely secured by SSL transcription. Offline methods include cheque, demand draft, cash collection and cash deposit.

To avail the best offers and incredible Midday classifieds rates, check out Bookadsnow online advertisement booking service today!

Recently Asked Questions

How do I book a matrimonial ad in a newspaper?

Bookadsnow aims to simplify your ad booking process and offers you various ways to book your ad in a newspaper.

To book a matrimonial ad in a newspaper with Bookadsnow, please select the newspaper of your choice from the homepage, then select ‘Matrimonial ads’ from the given list of ad types, fill in the ad details and your contact details and submit your query.

Alternatively, you can select ‘Matrimonial ads’ from the given list of ad types on the homepage, then select the newspaper of your choice, fill in the ad details and your contact details and submit your query.

You can also choose a location from the homepage, select the newspaper of your choice, then select ‘Matrimonial ads’ from the given list of ad types, fill in the ad details and your contact details and submit your query.

If you are very sure about your choice of newspaper, please go to ‘Book Ads For’ section on the homepage, select ‘Newspaper’ and from the given list, directly select the newspaper of your choice. Please select ‘Matrimonial ads’ from the given list of ad types for that newspaper, fill in the ad details and your contact details and submit your query.

Our media expert will get in touch with you and guide you with your ad booking according to your requirements and budget.

What are the documents required to publish a property ad?

To publish a property ad, you need to furnish a scanned copy of your PAN card, your ad content, and images, if any. When you publish a Property Notice ad, your ad content should come under the letterhead of your advocate. Our media expert will guide you through your ad booking process from start to finish.

Can you provide me with details regarding the price structure?

The price for booking your ad in a newspaper/magazine/television channel of your choice depends upon your

  • Preferences and choice of media 
  • Size of the ad 
  • Placement of the ad in the newspaper/magazine
  • Time bands 
  • Availability of the ad positions/spots and
  • The number of times you wish your ad to appear 

Based on your requirement we shall provide you with the best quote in the quickest possible turnaround time.

Is it possible to meet a media expert personally to discuss the media plan?

Our media experts are always available for personal meetings with you. If you are located in Kolkata, we can make direct meeting arrangements with you. If you are located outside Kolkata, we can plan the travel arrangements and the meeting accordingly, if deemed necessary.

What are the benefits of TV/Newspaper/Magazine advertising?

Different media have benefits unique to them. While the plus point of one medium would be its reach, demographic targeting might be the strength of another. Depending upon your advertising objectives, we suggest what media your media plan should include.