How do I submit my ad request?

To submit your Ad, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Visit
  • Choose the category you wish to advertise in ( television /print )

For Print ads:

  • Select the ‘print’ option in our home page
  • Select the type and the name of the publication from the options that are available
  • Fill in a brief form with basic suggestive questions and we will revert at the shortest possible time.

For Television ads:

  • Select the Television tab from our service offerings in our homepage
  • You can select the channels you wish to advertise in and add them to your cart.
  • Thereafter , we need you to fill out a brief form and we will contact you shortly
  • If you need assistance with your selection, fill out our brief form and our executive will revert at the shortest possible time.
How do I ensure that my company name or content won’t be misused in any way? is an initiative of Lookad India (P) Ltd which is an INS accredited advertising agency. We have been in the advertising business for the past 3 decades. We are working with some of the biggest brands like LUX, Bisk Farm, JK Tyre, Turtle and more. Information shared with us would be treated as strictly confidential and used for designated purpose only.

Can you provide me details regarding the price structure?

The price for booking your ad in a newspaper/television channel of your choice depends upon your preferences and choice of media, size of the ad, placement of the ad in the newspaper /time bands and the number of times you wish your ad to appear. Based on your requirement we shall provide you with the best quote in the quickest possible turnaround time.

Do you make creative for advertisements?

We do not make creative for the ads. However, we can connect you to independent creative ad agencies for print ads. Similarly, for TV commercials we can help you tie up with independent film production houses and individual producers. You can get in touch with them and this can be taken care of. However, creation of basic artwork for the ads can be done by us and we can help you from the initial stage till the very end.

How do I advertise in the Television Channel of my choice?

The ad booking page provides you with an array of options of various TV channels. You can pick the channel of your choice along with the time band rates. We provide you with the facility of selecting multiple channels. Your selection is added to the cart and thereafter, you get redirected to a user form where you fill your basic requirements. After the submission of the form our executive will get in touch with you.
Note: We can provide you assistance with any TV channels of your choice inspire of it not being mentioned on the website so just feel free to contact us.

How many spots can I buy in a day?

Ideally, the number of spots range between 9 – 21 in a day. The number of spots that you would like to advertise depends on the nature of channel you choose and the intensity of your campaign which we will guide you through.

Can I get prime time slots?

Yes, our media plan has a mix of both prime time and non prime time slots depending on several factors like budget, duration, and channel choice.

Can I have the same ad in two different newspaper / TV channel on two different dates?

You can have the same ad on two different dates as well as two different newspapers/ TV Channels by selecting the right option and providing us the dates and publications/ channel names in which the ad needs to appear.

We will help you with the scheduling, booking and buying ad space and helping you through till it is published/aired.

Are there any limitations to the secondage?

Commercials with a minimum of 10 seconds to a limit of to 1 minute is acceptable.

Do you advertise only spots or do you advertise scrolls, Aston and L bands ads as well?

We do. We book spaces for scrolls, Aston bands and L Bands. You may get in touch with us to know more.

Do you do Radio Advertisement bookings as well?

Yes, we do radio ad bookings. We can get you the most lucrative rates for all the radio channels like Red FM, Big FM, Radio Mirchi, My FM in all the cities across the country.

How to figure out on which page of the newspaper/magazine my advertisement will appear?

Every ad categoryhas an option of stating your particular requirement, as to where the ad will appear in the newspaper/magazine. If you want a specific page/position for your ad, you can state that position. In case, you don’t have any such requirement, the ad will appear in any available page or position. Premium charges apply for specific page/position which will be discussed and basis approvals only.

Will I be intimated once my advertisement is booked?

Once the advertisement is booked, intimation will be provided to you in the form of a mail on the given email id.

Will I be intimated once my advertisement is released?

Once the advertisement is released in Television/Newspapers an e-paper link will be sent to you via mail, a newspaper/magazine copy/Telecast Certificate at the end of each will be sent to you.

In how many days will the ad be released?

Once you've booked your Ad with us and the initial payments are made, we raise a release order and your Ad is provisionally booked. You just need to provide us with 2-3 days lead time and your ad can be published/released on the day you want.

Once booked; can I cancel my ad booking? If yes, will I get my money back?

Cancellations for television/print ads are possible subject to individual channel/publication policies. A minimum of 3-7 working days notice is required for giving effect to your advice. Supplementary bill could come into play depending upon your commitment with the individual channels/publications.

I want to make changes to my advertisement which is already booked. If that is allowed, what are the guidelines on that?

You can make changes in the advertisement already booked, only if it’s done within the stipulated timeline and the publication/newspaper policy.

Is there any scope of a long term relation with Bookadsnow? If there is, will be entitled to any discounts?

Absolutely, there is. Please contact us to know more about it.

Do I have to submit a death certificate for obituary or in-memoriam ads?

As per company policies and newspaper requirements, submitting a death certificate is essential for booking an Obituary or in-memoriam Ad.

Why do I have to submit a copy of my PAN Card?

As per company policies and legal guidelines, submitting a copy of the PAN Card is essential. A copy of the PAN Card serves as an identification proof for the company and is also a requisite for processing any payment for your newspaper advertisements or television ad spots.

Do I have to submit any document for placing an ad request?

The documents to be submitted for placing an order are:

  • A scanned copy of PAN Card
  • Formal matter on company’s letterhead
  • For booking a Legal notice ad furnishing of court order or order on the advocate’s letter head is mandatory.

For booking an obituary/In-memoriam ad, user has to submit a copy of the death certificate. (Refer to FAQ no 1 of this section)

Can I customize the package according to my choice?

You will have to provide us the outlay and the time frame and accordingly the packages can be customised.

What is the ideal time to place an order for an advertisement?

The ideal time to book your ad is 2-3 days prior to the date of release in the newspaper/TV channels. We also accept ad bookings at the 11th hour for news paper ads, in case of any emergency.

Do you also provide your service to clients outside of India?

Yes, we can provide you with this service for any newspaper all over India. Since this is an online booking feature, you can place your booking for any category of advertisement online in any newspaper in India and get the desired service. After the release of the ad in the newspaper, intimation will be provided to you along with the e-paper link as a proof for the release of the ad.

Can I place my advertisement anywhere in India and on any media platform? provides you with an exclusive feature of selecting your media from anywhere in the world to advertise in any TV Channel or newspaper/magazine in India. We can release the ad in any TV Channel /newspaper/magazine(s) throughout India simply through the details given by you online, on our site. For an advertisement in any other medium, you can contact us on the number and email id given on our website.

How do I make payment for a particular ad?

You can make the payment via Cheque, DD or RTGS/NEFT.

Can you explain the system of TDS related in such ads?

For any transaction above Rs.20000, 2% TDS would have to be deducted by you from the gross amount and then service tax should be added and this amount should be remitted to us.TDS certificate would have to be sent to our Kolkata office as per norms.