Full INS Accreditation

We enjoy full accreditation from the Indian Newspaper Society (INS). It means we are thoroughly aware of and abide by the norms laid down by the INS.

Strong Account / Media Planning Team

We have tie ups with experienced media planners in the country. We have collaborations with top tier professionals planning for big national accounts to get maximum ROI against your investment.

TV Ad Monitoring

Our team monitors the ad spots across each channel and ad break that encapsulate your campaign to ensure that the ad gets better mileage, wider viewership and provides excellent value for money.

Rate Matching Guarantee

We ensure you that we can re-negotiate and get you the best deals and the most lucrative time bands for your advertisements by using our industry prowess, backing and established relations.

Campaign Post Evaluation

We carry out a thorough post evaluation, telling you where your brand stood before the campaign and how the campaign has impacted performance and the brand.