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Newspaper Advertising



Newspaper Advertising



Newspaper Advertising


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Newspaper Advertising



Newspaper Advertising



Booking a newspaper advertisement has never been so easy before! If you’re looking to get the best for your newspaper advertising needs, Bookadsnow has all the solutions to your concerns.


Why Bookadsnow?

Known for the strong ties to several media houses across India, Bookadsnow gives you the freedom to release any newspaper ad in any major publication across the country. Also, expect the best newspaper advertising rates when you choose Bookadsnow. Here are a few key benefits that you will find:


  • Official ad booking partner of all major national and regional newspapers
  • Media planning, buying and releasing services all under one umbrella
  • 24*7 ad-booking services for businesses and individuals
  • End-to-end ad booking guidance with Creative assistance by in-house media experts.
  • Most competitive ad rates for every newspaper advertisement
  • Assured releasing dates & last-minute ad booking service
  • Guaranteed On-time ad release
  • Online Payment facility with Complete transparency


Types of ads we support

With Bookadsnow, you have the advantage of releasing a variety of newspaper ads:

  • Obituary ads: For informing the public about the loss of a loved one
  • Public notice ads: For public announcements about legal disputes, community matters, etc.
  • Recruitment ads: For hiring the best talent for job positions and vacancies
  • Education ads: For informing the public of new courses, classes and learning programmes
  • Property ads: For informing buyers about a property for sale or for rent
  • Tender ads: For attracting various suppliers and contractors for a project


Why don’t we show ad rates?

There are many variables when it comes to the newspaper ad booking process. For instance, the day of release, the newspaper, the publishing location, the position and size of the ad, advertiser history etc. There are many such factors that determine the pricing. Hence, media cannot be seen as a commodity with a fixed price and we propose advertising rates keeping this in mind. We always try to give our clients the lowest advertisement rates at the time of booking.


Ad formats

Classified ads: These types of newspaper ads are the simplest and tend to be cheapest in cost. These are ordinary text-based ads and have no graphics or additional visual information, which makes them less effective at grabbing attention.

Classified display ads: Apart from regular text-based classified ads, these have the advantage of both textual and visual information. Additional fonts, borders and logos can also be used to draw attention.

Display ads: It is the most expensive yet most effective type of ad when it comes to newspaper advertising. They have no boundary with regards to text, size, colour and graphics. These advertisements are best for attracting the attention of your target audience.

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