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Choose Inflight Magazine and reach your specific target now

It goes without saying that countless people travel via flights every hour. Since flight journeys can prove to be insipid, especially if you are traveling alone. Just then, nothing works as good as inflight magazines. An in-flight magazine is a free magazine that is distributed by an airline company to keep the passengers engaged. Furthermore, advertisers look to target business owners and decision makers of big organizations (who are generally frequent flyers). Inflight advertising is definitely the mandatory advertising strategy for your next media campaign.

What Makes Inflight Advertising Interesting?

  • The lifespan of an inflight magazine is 30 days compared to that of a traditional Ad which generally lasts less than 24 hours.
  • The overall positive shift resulting in the purchase intent from an inflight magazine is nearly 25%.
  • Around 81% of the travellers read Inflight magazines.
  • Readers spend an average 30-40 minutes time to read these magazines, thereby giving rise to better engagement.
  • 7 out of 10 individuals act upon the information given in this media.
  • 94% of people feel that Inflight advertising is more striking.
  • The captive audience who engage with inflight Ads spend 1-2.5 hours approximately on board.

Leading Inflight Magazines to Release an Ad

Some of the leading inflight magazines where advertisers can release Ads are:

  • Hello 6E (Indigo Airlines)
  • JetWings (Jet Airways)
  • Vistara (Air Vistara)
  • Spice Route (Spicejet)
  • Go Getter (Go Air)
  • Shubh Yatra (Air India)

Perks of Inflight Magazine Advertising

Smooth Communication: In-flight advertising is the best channel to communicate with individuals on-board since they are a captive audience with spending power.

Audience Reach: The increased number of flyers these days have given rise to a global reach of both domestic and international travelers for better engagement with inflight Ads.

High Exposure: In-flight magazine Ads have the power to capture the attention of flyers, thereby guaranteeing a higher level of exposure.

Appearance: Inflight magazine is more attractive due to its layout as well as its content.

Why Tap on Bookadsnow?

Come, discover Bookadsnow (an initiative of Lookad India Pvt Ltd), where we are adding an edge to the concept of booking inflight magazine Ads. Bookadsnow is an online media planning, buying, and releasing portal with tailor-made media solutions & booking services. Apart from releasing Inflight magazine advertisements, releasing Ads for platforms like television, newspaper, radio, and magazines is our forte.

Apart from that, here are the perks of releasing inflight magazine via Bookadsnow.

  • Our 30+ years of presence in the media sphere helps us to be well-aware of the advertisement world
  • We are an INS accredited firm which enables brands and media houses to trust us
  • Via Bookadsnow, individuals in India as well as beyond the national boundaries can release inflight magazine Ads
  • We maintain a healthy and long-standing relationship with various media houses across the nation
  • Our in-house media experts will guide you at every step of releasing an Ad
  • Bookadsnow will provide you the best media rate by negotiating the same with the concerned publication. Hence, we do not display the card rate
  • We will provide you with the best Ad placement in the inflight magazine of your choice
  • We have made the process of payment simple and accept payment across various channels

As a bonus, Bookadsnow goes one step further in assisting your media buying process by providing you with proof of release and counselling for future releases as well.

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