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Due to its exquisite journalism skill and unmatched circulation in small and big cities of the nation, the Aajkaal has proved to be more than just a mere newspaper. It is, in fact, considered to be a significant source of information catering to disciplinaries like sports, politics, global news, fashion, entertainment, etc. Given this popularity, brands and individuals find it crucial to advertise in Aajkaal for achieving positive results. Aajkaal advertisements, especially for brands, helps in churning out the brand ethos and throws light on the brand personality. Hence, book Aajkaal advertisement for gaining maximum views and quick result from your newspaper advertisement.

Language: Bengali

Frequency: Daily

Circulation: 1,94,114

E-paper: link

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How can you Book Ads in Aajkaal newspaper under the preferred advertisement category?

To thoroughly complete the booking process with us, follow the given steps:

  • Choose the ad type you want. This can include Classified Display Ad, Display Ad or Classified Text. Then choose the subcategory of the ad type on our portal.
  • Compose your advertisement and upload your complete matter or any further instructions or specifications that you might want us to follow.
  • Select your release date and publication center.

After completion of the above three steps, you can proceed with the payment. You can make the payment offline or online whichever mode you are convenient with and then we can confirm your ad slot with the guaranteed release.

Book Ads in Aajkaal through Bookadsnow

Bookadsnow is an online media buying and selling company, with an experience of over 3 decades. Utilizing the convenience and power of the Internet, Bookadsnow can assist you to plan, buy and launch your campaign. We undertake bulk orders, offer great deals during festivals and endow you with the lowest quote. Ranging from start-ups to big brands, we have worked with distinct budgets and ensured maximum reach. Our everlasting and strong connection with the local and national media houses assist us to provide you with justifiable quotes prevalent in the market.

Aajkaal Newspaper Advertisement Booking Online

Aajkaal is a leading Bengali newspaper in the Indian state of West Bengal. Though the main office is in Kolkata, the newspaper is also simultaneously published from Siliguri while its Tripura edition is published from Agartala. Aajkaal has an evening edition known as Sandhya Aajkaal. Newspaper Ad Booking in Aajkaal is an effective measure to disperse information to the masses. Booking ads in Aajkaal have the following benefits:

  • Aajkaal is one of the oldest and most reputed Bengali Newspaper with an experience of more than three decades, since 1981.
  • Aajkaal has a mass readership, thus advertising in Aajkaal newspaper is effective for mass circulation of information.
  • Aajkaal is one of the best regional newspapers in Bengal.

How to book your advertisement in Aajkaal newspaper?

Booking Ads in Aajkaal is made easier, cost-effective and convenient with Bookadsnow. Through our official website, you can easily book ads in Aajkaal from anywhere at any time. With over three decades in the industry, we have the experience and we provide the best advertisement solution in the country

Bookadsnow provides several advertisement types for the Newspaper Ad Booking in Aajkaal newspaper like Notice ads, Tender ads, Marriage ads, et cetera. You may choose from the given category or you can contact us for personalized ads.

Newspaper Ad Booking in Aajkaal Newspaper are of the following formats:

Bookadsnow books three formats of newspaper advertisement in Aajkaal newspaper. They are as follows:

  1. Classified Advertisement: Classified Ad booking in Aajkaal Newspaper is the most common and cost-effective format. Classified Ad booking in Aajkaal Newspaper has great mass viewership. They are small textual ads that are published in their respective columns. They provide the basic information without many details. It is used to promote personal business. All you have to do is provide us with the information and our team will do the rest.
  2. Classified Display Advertisement: Classified Display Advertisements booking in Aajkaal Newspaper is little expensive than the Classified Text Ads. While booking your ad through Bookadsnow you get the option of having a black and white or colored detailing with attractive fonts and themes. You require to provide us with the apt information or well-formulated advert matter for Classified Display Advertisements booking in Aajkaal. You may also include images in Classified Display Ads.
  3. Display Advertisements: Display Advertisement booking in the Aajkaal newspaper is the most expensive ad format. They are highly detailed ads with images and detailed information. Display Advertisement booking in the Aajkaal newspaper is published by big companies to promote their brands.

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