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Language: English

Frequency: Daily

Circulation: 1,458,398 Daily

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Advertise in The Hindu newspaper to make the most of the print advertisements

The Hindu started back in 1878 as an endeavour of The Hindu Group, and Kasturi and Sons Limited. Right now, this English daily caters to over 22.6 lakh readers across the country. When it comes to newspaper advertising, The Hindu still remains one of the most favourite platforms for all businessmen and brands. This is mainly due to the favourable advertising rates and soaring penetration percentage.

Here’s why you should advertise in The Hindu newspaper

  • It has a circulation of 1,458,398 copies per day.
  • Till date, it is the highest circulated national daily in South India.
  • It has dedicated readers due to the high quality of journalism.
  • It has a wide range of advertising rates and placement choices for everyone.

To successfully advertise in The Hindu newspaper, Bookadsnow offers the greatest advertisement rates for everyone. There is something for every advertiser in The Hindu. For budget ads, you can pick the Classified Section. You can choose between Classified Text Ads and Classified Display Ads to reach out to your potential market. If you aim at a higher reach with a more eye-catching effect, you should go for the Display Ads section. Earlier, to advertise in The Hindu newspaper one had to book ads months in advance and pay quite a hefty amount too. Now all the ad booking and publishing nightmares are far away from reality.

To advertise in The Hindu newspaper under any category, just visit the Bookadsnow website. With over 3 decades of media planning and advertising experience, Lookad has a long-standing relationship with The Hindu, which makes it possible for us to ensure a great placement and a great price for your brand advertisement. Send us your request with your advertisement details and we will get back to you. We offer booking details and invoice messages on-spot to save your time and effort. To ensure your safety and security, all your payment details are SSL encrypted. You can now enjoy the perks of advertising in a first-tier newspaper by logging in to our online ad booking site.

 We offer a range of The Hindu advertisement rates throughout the year. You can pick any section and category of ads through our online website for availing these great offers and discounts. Booking The Hindu newspaper advertisement just became a lot easier with our online booking, and payment options. Now, reach out to a huge array of targeted readers and save money at the same time with the online Lookad venture.

Bookadsnow is here to see the advertising rates, ad packages and circulation details of The Hindu

We are authorized to directly book newspaper ads online for The Hindu. Being the top advertising agency for the last few decades has given us the advantage of staying in great teams with the top publication houses of the country. If you need to publish a newspaper ad in The Hindu, we can make it happen in record time.

You can choose from 3 categories to advertise in The Hindu newspaper. These are –

Classified text: these are simple text ads or run-on line ads. They are the primary choice of ads for everyone interested in budget advertising packages. You can reach out to a wide audience and you can save a fortune by directly booking your classified text ads through Bookadsnow.

Classified display ads: column ads or the classified display ads in the Hindu newspaper are popular and conspicuous. We guarantee amazing placement that no potential customer of yours can miss. Bookadsnow can give you the best newspaper ad booking rates in The Hindu to you. They are priced based on per You can pick between coloured and B/W formats.

Display ads: display advertisements in the Hindu newspaper are the most popular among enterprises. These are usually coloured for the best impressions. You can also pick B/W display ads to stand out. They can occupy any page and any position. This freedom of placement is usually costlier than other ad formats. You can give us your ad design in JPEG, PNG, TIFF or EPS formats. We can also help you with the finer details.

Here’s how you can advertise in The Hindu newspaper

  • Pick your advertisement type and select the category.
  • Proceed to Compose Ad to create and design your unique ad using our ready-to-use templates.
  • Choose the preferred ad release date and move to complete the payment.

Our payment gateways are protected and all your bank/account details are secured with SSL encryption. You can pay online via debit card/credit card and NEFT. You can also pay offline via cash collection, cheques, demand drafts and cash deposits.

Once your booking and payment is complete, you will receive the updated invoice in your email.

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We have been very impressed with Lookad's ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we need to sustain the development of

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