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Navbharat Times Classified Advertisement Booking Online

Language: Hindi

Frequency: Daily

Circulation: 637,376 Daily

E-paper: link

We do not display any rates as media rates are negotiable. please get in touch our media expert for best rates.

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How to book a Navbharat Times classified advertisement online instantly?

Navbharat Times is a poplar Hindi newspaper in Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow. It is published by Bennett & Coleman Co. Ltd that also publishes Times of India. It has a huge readership owing to its quality content and coverage of latest news pertaining to politics, national news, international news, state finance, sports and entertainment. All Navbharat Times classified advertisements have a very high visibility quotient. The Navbharat Times classified advertisements are quite in-demand and booking one can be difficult without some help from the experts.

Navbharat Times classified ads are popular and effective for the following reasons

  1. It has a circulation of 4.23 lakh copies in Delhi
  2. Although Hindi is a second language in Mumbai, Navbharat Times manages a circulation of 130,000 copies daily.
  3. It has a readership of over 19.7 lakhs in Delhi and about 470,000 in Mumbai, according to the IRS 2010 statistics.
  4. The circulation in Delhi is limited to Delhi and NCR only by design. This gives a highly cultivated readership to the Navbharat Times classified ads, who have a high purchasing power.

Besides the main general interest daily, the Navbharat Times classified gathers more importance leveraging the supplements that accompany the main newspaper almost 6 days a week. These locations are geo-centric and provide quite the dedicated target group for advertisers.

  1. Hello Delhi, the entertainment supplement of Navbharat Times is published in Delhi 6 days a week.
  2. NTB property and NTB Education are supplements pertaining to property laws, issues and latest opportunities in education.
  3. Delhi NCR gets their own supplements that come with the main edition 6 days a week.

If you are looking to advertise in the Navbharat Times classified pages, look no further than Bookadsnow.

Why is Bookadsnow the leading agency for online newspaper-ad booking?

Bookadsnow brings the best Navbharat Times advertisement booking offers right to your doorstep. Booking your ads through us will get you attractive discounts and combo packages on all Navbharat Times advertisements. Our online ads booking service means you can book your announcement or advertisement for all leading newspapers wherever you are. INS accreditation allows us to book ads directly for all leading dailies of India, including the Navbharat Times newspaper. So we can negotiate the best rates directly with the newspaper and deliver you the best offers in the market.

Here’s how you can begin booking an Navbharat Times classified advertisement

Choose a category of ad. Now, like all reputed dailies, the Navbharat Times has 3 main advert categories.

Classified text ad: these are regular text ads that do not contain any images or logos. Simple text classified ads can convey your messages to the readers at a pocket friendly rate. You can take the help of our advertising team to enhance your ads by including ticks, borders, background colours and more.

Classified display ads: these are slightly costlier than the text ads. They can include images and logos. You can choose black and white texts or colourful advertisement layouts to attract more attention. The cost depends on the area of ad.

Display: these are fancy, very visible and allow you to unleash your creativity. You can place display ads anywhere inside the newspaper. The cost depends on the size, placement and content. Jacket ads in the Navbharat Times newspaper are the costliest, followed by front page ads and back page ads of the same size. We can help you secure the best placement and prices for all your requirements.

What is the Navbharat Times ad booking process?

The rest of the process is as simple and precise –

  1. Choose the ad type – pick any from property, notice, tender, job, matrimonial or obituary after you pick the category.
  2. Compose your ad or send a pre-composed PDF, EPS or JPEG file to our team.
  3. Choose the release date(s) and proceed to payments.

In the payments page, you will get to see the details of the Navbharat Times classified ad booking rates and payment options. Our online payment (credit/debit card and NEFT) options are completely secured by SSL encryption. You can also choose offline payments including cheques, demand drafts, cash collection and cash deposit.

Once the payment is successful, you will receive a copy of the invoice with the ad booking details.

Recently Asked Questions

How do I book a matrimonial ad in a newspaper?

Bookadsnow aims to simplify your ad booking process and offers you various ways to book your ad in a newspaper.

To book a matrimonial ad in a newspaper with Bookadsnow, please select the newspaper of your choice from the homepage, then select ‘Matrimonial ads’ from the given list of ad types, fill in the ad details and your contact details and submit your query.

Alternatively, you can select ‘Matrimonial ads’ from the given list of ad types on the homepage, then select the newspaper of your choice, fill in the ad details and your contact details and submit your query.

You can also choose a location from the homepage, select the newspaper of your choice, then select ‘Matrimonial ads’ from the given list of ad types, fill in the ad details and your contact details and submit your query.

If you are very sure about your choice of newspaper, please go to ‘Book Ads For’ section on the homepage, select ‘Newspaper’ and from the given list, directly select the newspaper of your choice. Please select ‘Matrimonial ads’ from the given list of ad types for that newspaper, fill in the ad details and your contact details and submit your query.

Our media expert will get in touch with you and guide you with your ad booking according to your requirements and budget.

What are the documents required to publish a property ad?

To publish a property ad, you need to furnish a scanned copy of your PAN card, your ad content, and images, if any. When you publish a Property Notice ad, your ad content should come under the letterhead of your advocate. Our media expert will guide you through your ad booking process from start to finish.

Can you provide me with details regarding the price structure?

The price for booking your ad in a newspaper/magazine/television channel of your choice depends upon your

  • Preferences and choice of media 
  • Size of the ad 
  • Placement of the ad in the newspaper/magazine
  • Time bands 
  • Availability of the ad positions/spots and
  • The number of times you wish your ad to appear 

Based on your requirement we shall provide you with the best quote in the quickest possible turnaround time.

Do you make creative for advertisements?

We do not make creative for the ads. However, we can connect you to independent creative ad agencies for newspaper/magazine ads. Similarly, for TV commercials we can help you tie up with independent film production houses and individual producers. You can get in touch with them and this can be taken care of. However, the creation of basic artwork for the ads can be done by us and we can help you from the initial stage till the very end. For newspaper ads, we also have ready formats for content and templates, such as for last-minute obituary ads.

Which are the channels/newspapers/magazines Bookadsnow books ads for?

Bookadsnow lists all local, regional and national channels/newspapers/magazines for you to choose from. Book an ad in any of the media outlets listed on the Bookadsnow website. If what you are looking for is not on the said list, please drop a line to us or call us at +919830400021 and our media expert will help you with what you are looking for.