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  • Why Book Matrimonial Ads in Newspaper ?
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Matrimonial, Marriage Advertisement Booking Online

Marriage is one such tradition in India which is widely and elaborately celebrated in all parts of the country. Marriage is concerned with sanctity and sacredness. High values are attached to it and so are high expectations.

Matrimonial adverts are not tools for promotion or advertisement. They are more like search mediums for the potential brides, grooms and their families. Therefore maximum reach is not the main point of concern for such ads. The differentiating factor lies in the quality of matches found for the apple of the family’s eye.

Arranged marriages are still as relevant as before, especially in the Indian scenario. Arranged marriages involve entire families looking for ideal partners for their children. And it is no mean feat either.

Even in this age of online advertising, a large number of people cannot trust the online matrimony portals and depend on newspapers, their traditional sources of information, for finding the right partner for themselves or their children.

Our media experts will assist you from start to finish with your matrimonial ad booking. Get in touch with them to book your matrimonial advert today!

How to book matrimonial ads in newspapers?

Our media experts have the right tips and solutions to help you book your advert in the right newspaper that effectively reaches your target audience and grabs their attention. With Bookadsnow, publish your matrimonial ads in newspapers across the nation at the most competitive rates.

Matrimonial ads in newspapers are released with the purpose of finding a suitable and potential groom for a prospective bride and of finding a suitable and potential bride for a prospective groom.

There are mainly two types of matrimonial adverts, in terms of requirement – Wanted Grooms, under which prospective brides and their families advertise, and Wanted Brides, under which prospective grooms and their families put advertisements.

Further categorizations are into specific conditions like preference by language, profession, caste, community, nationality, religion, age, location and so on. Only relevant and suitable responses are invited from potential matrimonial suitors with such specific categorizations.

Newspapers are the most economical medium to communicate with the masses and they are accessible to each and every household, office and corporate house in India.

Book matrimonial ads in newspapers with Bookadsnow!

What are the Types of Matrimonial Advertisements?

There are two types, in terms of format – Classified Text and Classified Display.

  • Part of an age-old process, Classified Text Ads are the most common way of looking for brides and grooms. One of the most trusted mediums for finding potential life partners, they are simple and run-on line advertisements. They are charged based on the number of lines or words used in the content of the advertisement.

  • Classified Display Ads are modern and new-age. They have been in vogue in recent times. In their cases, prospective brides and grooms can provide their photographs as well as their requirements and contact details. Creativity and designing play an important role in case of such adverts. They are more elaborate and detailed than text ads. They are more prominent and easily grab attention, thereby being more effective. Rates for Classified Display Ads are calculated per square centimeter. They have both black and white and color options.

Get in touch with our media experts to book your Classified Text, or Classified Display Ad today!


What Should Be the Ideal Content for my Matrimonial Advertisement?

  • While composing a matrimonial ad, you need to provide accurate information in order to elicit pertinent and well-suited responses from fitting brides or grooms.

  • Choose appropriate subcategories and classifications if available in order to ensure that your advert gets published under specific headings and gets befitting responses.

Our media experts are there to assist you with what the ideal content for your matrimonial advertisement should be. Contact our representative and book your matrimonial advertisement today!


How Do I Book Matrimonial Ads Online with Bookadsnow?

While booking matrimonial adverts, you have to be careful to choose the right newspaper which speaks to the demographics of your choice and as per your requirement, in terms of cultural background, region, language or other such parameters.

Online matrimonial ad booking with Bookadsnow is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Select the newspaper you would like to book your advert in

  2. Fill in your ad details and contact details and submit your query

  3. Our media expert will get in touch with you to bring you the best rates for your ad

If you do not know which newspaper to choose, simply drop in a message and our media expert will guide you from start to finish in booking your advert.

Contact with our media expert to book your matrimonial ad in newspapers today.

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